Sheldon Threw Shade At Ben Affleck's Batman On The Big Bang Theory

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Spoilers ahead for the February 7 episode of The Big Bang Theory**.**

The Big Bang Theory has never shied away from dropping references to all things Star Wars, Star Trek, and superhero. The latest episode featured Sheldon giving a shout-out to the latest actor to play Batman in live-action on the big screen, but it was not a shout-out that Ben Affleck probably appreciated if he tuned into the episode. Sheldon definitely threw some shade at Affleck. Here’s how it went down.

The main four guys of The Big Bang Theory sat down for their usual lunch, and the talk turned to fathers-in-law. As often happens, the conversation turned to teasing, and Raj started making fun of Howard for how much Bernadette’s dad “hates” him. It led to this exchange:

Howard: He doesn’t hate me. He’s just disappointed that I’m not any other man on the planet.Sheldon: That’s how I feel about Ben Affleck as Batman.

Ouch! Well, semi-ouch, anyway. Sheldon isn’t the only one to complain about Ben Affleck as Batman, although a lot of those complaints seemed to go away once fans actually saw Affleck behind the cape and the cowl. For some, he was the highlight of Batman v Superman, and we put together a list of his best Batman moments in the DCEU!

Besides, it’s not like Sheldon’s comments are going to drive Ben Affleck away from the role, even if they were dropped on one of the most popular shows on network TV. Affleck is already leaving Batman behind.

Back in January, Ben Affleck finally confirmed rumors that he would not be returning to the role of Batman, posting a tweet in support of The Batman… clearly without him in the title role. There are some solid options for who could replace Affleck as Batman, and The Batman director Matt Revees is reportedly looking for a famous face to tackle the role.

If the new Batman is somehow announced sooner rather than later, will Sheldon have a comment on that before the final credits roll on The Big Bang Theory? Honestly, if The Big Bang Theory wasn’t already ending, I’d expect a full scene dedicated to the new Batman. Something tells me the guys would have a lot of opinions.

Alas for fans (but fortunately for folks who feel that the show has run its course), The Big Bang Theory is indeed ending, and the showrunner finally knows how everything will wrap up. The latest episode saw Penny and Leonard at least partly solve some of their baby issues, although I still think that the series will end with Penny either pregnant or coming around to Leonard’s wish for kids and agreeing to start trying.

Only time will tell. New episodes air on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The end of The Big Bang Theory doesn't mean the end of all the characters in primetime, as Young Sheldon will presumably continue and another spinoff could happen.

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