Killing Eve Season 2 Trailer Is Just As Hilariously Effed Up As We Hoped

Killing Eve just gave fans a pretty insightful glimpse at Season 2. The hit with viewers and critics alike is returning with a vengeance. Check out the newly released trailer below:

Let the obsessive game continue! There is a lot that goes down in this trailer and it is not short on darkly comic twists and turns. Right off the top, Killing Eve’s teaser wastes no time pointing out life’s juxtapositions.

Eve’s call to say that she believes she killed Villanelle is dramatic in nature, only to have it revealed that what she is saying has taken place as a marriage proposal is unfolding in front of her. Two people are starting their lives together, while Eve says she thinks she finished someone else's.

Even though Eve is somewhat convinced she killed Villanelle, the teaser readily reveals that her nemesis is alive. She is not well though. Was she ever?

Physically speaking, her condition is starting to match to match her mind, as she is not doing great. Villanelle is shown trying to get out of her hospital bed, only to collapse nearby. She is not about to let Eve’s attempt to kill her slow her down though.

Villanelle makes her way to a neighborhood with a briefcase in hand. She is grabbing her side still, which could mean the footage of her arrival takes place not too long after the teaser’s opening. Hopefully Eve will already be right behind her.

This is when things get even more intense in the Season 2 teaser. Villanelle is asked about searching for a knife to which she gives a foreboding response. In a separate scene, Eve can be seen and heard laughing. Something she would be unlikely to find funny is Villanelle putting on make-up with a faint, unsettling smile coming across her face.

While they may be living their lives separately, Killing Eve makes a point to recognize the entangled bond between Villanelle and Eve. At the 40-second mark, Eve opens a box, presumably from her nemesis. Inside is a flower arrangement that spells out Eve's name. Creepy!

After opening that box Eve looks determined as ever to bring down her foe. Who is being struck by the car at the 50-second mark? It could be Villanelle.

The ending part of the trailer centers on the two women coming to a door. On one side is Eve; on the other, Villanelle. Will something keep Eve from busting through the door? Or will the two women have another showdown?

Where Season 1’s plot focused on conjuring the origin story of Eve and Villanelle's dynamic, Season 2 will be building on it. The song hints at the women’s obsession with each other, which playing “Addicted to Love” hints at being of the affectionate variety. There is a thin line.

Find out how Eve and Villanelle walk it when the second season of Killing Eve premieres. Season 2 will simultaneously premiere Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America and AMC. While you wait, “kill” some time with the new shows arriving during this midseason. You can catch up on Season 1 via Hulu.

Britt Lawrence

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