Netflix Is Promoting Killing Eve, Even Though It's Only Streaming On Hulu

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Netflix is more or less known for its energetic Twitter presence, and while its latest musing may not be the wildest thing the account has sent out, it is incredibly bizarre. In the midst of last night's fun at the Golden Globes, the streaming service decided to encourage its viewers to tune into BBC America's Killing Eve on streaming. What makes the promotion so unexpected is that the program doesn't stream on Netflix, but rather its competitor Hulu.

That's quite a glowing review that Netflix may not even give some of its own originals, which makes it all the more strange. Is this a sign that Netflix will soon be getting the program? Is this some disgruntled social media handler trying to get fired? Did someone make a mistake and post without realizing Killing Eve isn't on Netflix? What does the streaming service have to gain for this passionate support of the BBC America drama that streams on Hulu?

The story gets even weirder as the Netflix Twitter account took things one step even further in its support of Killing Eve. While some curious subscribers could've discovered the Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer-led drama was on Hulu through a bit of searching, Netflix left nothing to chance and flat out told people where to find it.

It's 2019 and Netflix is out here trying to get its subscribers to binge on other platforms. It feels like a dangerous game to play given the streaming competition it will see in the coming year may be greater than before, but subscribers seemed to appreciate the gesture. Those who weren't replying with plights to save their favorite cancelled Netflix original or reminding the company the show isn't on its platform commended it for the recommendation for Killing Eve.

The tweet recommendation might have also been appreciated by The BBC, who Netflix has an invested interest in keeping happy. The network was the home for Killing Eve and The Bodyguard last year, the latter of which Netflix had the streaming rights for in America. With the network across the pond producing quality programming like that as of late, it's understandable why Netflix would want to make it known that it appreciates the programming even on other platforms.

Also, let's remember this isn't even the first time Netflix has promoted Hulu on its platform. The streaming service had folks losing their minds back in September when a fan asked how many retweets he would need to get Drake and Josh on the roster. Netflix responded, but then realized neither one of them had to do anything to see the Nickelodeon classic on streaming.

That exchange may be even worse than the latest, as Netflix didn't directly "@" the competition in its Killing Eve reply. Hulu's probably heard the news anyway.

As mentioned, Season 1 of Killing Eve is available to stream on Hulu or can be seen on BBC America's on-demand and streaming services. Those waiting on Season 2 can either re-watch the season, or head on over to our midseason premiere guide and see what other television shows are premiering and returning before then.

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