The Sandlot's Original Cast Is Returning For A Sequel TV Series

The Sandlot cast
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Television’s love of yesteryear is not over! The original cast of 1993’s The Sandlot is returning for a sequel TV series, and it will be streaming. That move that may not surprise you. More on that in a bit -- first up to bat is what the premise of the series will be.

The original movie’s director, David Mickey Evans, was a guest on the podcast The Rain Delay when he made the announcement. Evans revealed the show would take place in 1984. That would set the series twenty-two years after the movie, bringing the characters from 1962 to 1984. He said the characters would be around 33-years-old and all of them would have “children of their own.” Sounds like an exciting place to start.

At the end of The Sandlot movie, viewers were told how each of the kids’ lives went. Fans of the film will now get to see that unfold for themselves, depending on how true to the ending the TV series stays. One exciting part of all of this is that the original cast will be back.

Just speculating here, but Bertram’s fate could hold the key to the TV series’ storyline. Where everyone else’s ending is well known, his is not. In the epilogue, viewers learn that Bertram got swept up into the ‘60s and no one ever saw him again. It is unclear if that is because he did not want to stay in touch with his friends, or he actually disappeared.

Perhaps a search for Bertram’s whereabouts is what brings the friends together and serves as the catalyst for the series’ premise. Otherwise, everyone else’s fates are rather happy with his being the only mysterious one. It seems like the potential groundwork for a storyline.

The Sandlot’s director did not share where the home of the TV show would be. Given Netflix’s penchant for ‘80s centric dramas, it should not be in the outfield of potential outlets.

There is more to the follow-up news than it just coming to fruition. David Mickey Evans revealed that he already sold The Sandlot television series for two seasons. So, there is more than a single season to look forward to. It is impressive that it already has a platform. Now it is a matter of when and where fans get to see it.

The news of a TV show that will include the story of its original cast of characters comes after news of another Sandlot-related project. Not even a year ago, word of a prequel movie made the rounds. That was reported to focus on the legend surrounding the Beast – the English Mastiff actually named Hercules.

A release date for The Sandlot sequel series is unknown, so stay tuned. Plenty of TV shows await viewers during the midseason.

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