The Originals' Roman Isn't Done On Legacies, And It Doesn't Sound Great

Jedidiah Goodacre as Roman Sienna and Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson on Legacies The CW

Legacies is not done with Roman Sienna. The Originals character -- Hope Mikaelson's first boyfriend -- returned last week on The Vampire Diaries spinoff for Season 1, Episode 14. Hope actress Danielle Rose Russell said he'll be back again:

You’ll see him again a little bit. That relationship will come to a head as well.

Since there are only two episodes left to Legacies Season 1, we should be seeing him soon. But "that relationship will come to a head." What does that mean? In another interview, Danielle Rose Russell said the Roman/Landon/Hope dynamic was a "fun love triangle," so maybe we should expect more of that.

Honestly, the last thing Hope needs is another love interest. She's already dating Landon Kirby, but also has Rafael pining for her and Josie with her crush. I'd say all are better options than Roman. No major offense, man, but Hope is trying to move forward, not back.

Last week's episode was packed with nods to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, and the appearance of Roman almost felt like a sidenote, or a red herring leading us, like Landon, to think Roman was possibly at the Salvatore school for ill intent. But it doesn't sound like that was the case, at least to this point.

Danielle Rose Russell dropped the Roman return scoop to TVLine during an interview dissecting Episode 14, "Let's Just Finish the Dance." The episode had a lot of character surprises -- including Hope getting along with Lizzie Saltzman, and Hope also getting along with Roman. Which was more surprising?

Danielle Rose Russell admitted she was surprised that Hope got along so well with Roman, considering his family connection to her mother's death, but here's how she explained it to ET:

Right now where they stand, Hope has done a lot of work in trying to move on from the traumas in her life, and Roman was a huge part of that. I genuinely believe that she has forgiven him and has moved on from that chapter. And you see in the episode, he’s been around the school, so it’s not a shocker that he is around her. I’m sure that in the last several years they’ve seen each other and said hi to one another. I always loved the thought of the Roman/Landon/Hope dynamic. It's a fun love triangle. Maybe we will see more of Roman, never say never. Who knows?

In that ET interview she was just teasing Roman's possible return, but to TVLine she did confirm we'd see him again "a little bit." Will she end up with Roman, not Landon? Will Roman help her track Landon -- who is in trouble, yet again -- and maybe they bond? Maybe the relationship comes to a head because Roman tries to make a move and Hope shuts him down.

TVLine found it hard to believe Hope would seriously consider Roman as a love interest at this point, but Danielle Rose Russell said she could see it:

I don’t know. I go back and forth about it, actually. I always thought the dynamic between Hope, Roman and Landon would be an interesting love triangle. So I do have an idea in my mind of how that would happen, but I’m keeping it to myself in case it does. In Hope’s right mind, I’ll say, there would be no world. But Hope is also not a vampire yet, but she could be. There are many mistakes she could make if things go sour.

Was that a hint, or just speculation about where things could go beyond Season 1, which has already finished filming? If Hope's relationship with Roman comes to a head, as Danielle Rose Russell teased it, what would be better to you -- Roman and Hope getting closer, or Roman and Hope blowing up in a dramatic way? I'm with the latter. I get that Hope doesn't want to still blame Roman for his connection to what happened to Hayley, but that doesn't mean they should be together.

Hope is probably still thinking about the update she got on her father Klaus Mikaelson in the afterlife. The Necromancer, if he can be believed, said Klaus never regretted his choice to end his life (as shown in The Originals finale) but he will never achieve true peace until Hope does. So Hope must be aiming for that true peace. This is Hope 2.0, she doesn't want to be the angry sarcastic loner anymore. Heck, she's even teaming up with Lizzie -- with Lizzie helping her with Landon, and Hope helping Lizzie with Josie.

Speaking of Josie, the March 21 episode doesn't just mention Hope and Lizzie teaming up, it also talks about Josie looking into a secret that her father Alaric had been keeping. That would be the secret of The Merge, the Gemini Coven ritutal. Thanks to Penelope (COME BACK TO US), Josie now has information on that. I'm very curious to see what she does with that intel.

Since there are only two episodes left, that March 21 episode, "I'll Tell You A Story," will be followed by the Season 1 finale, Episode 16, "There's Always A Loophole." That episode sounds pretty dire, and it will end the 2018-2019 season on March 28.

The Vampire Diaries Universe ruler Julie Plec has already warned about a major cliffhanger (or two) in the Legacies season finale, but don't worry -- The CW has already renewed Legacies for Season 2. There's no premiere date yet, but they haven't even started filming it yet either. It would probably show up in the fall, just like last year. Would they up the episode count to 22 for the 2019-2020 season, or keep it at 16? We'll have to see.

Legacies' final two episodes air the next two Thursdays -- March 21 and March 28 -- starting at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The Vampire Diaries/The Originals spinoff is one of the many shows now winding down in the 2019 midseason, almost exactly two years after the end of TVD.

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