The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Is Giving Amy And Sheldon Fans Baby Fever

Do Amy and Sheldon have the fever? The baby fever? Well, Mayim Bialik is certainly doing her part to give fans one with a darling Instagram post. The actress shared a behind-the-scenes post from filming The Big Bang Theory episode where the gang babysits with Howard. Check it out below:

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That baby has an impressive head of hair! The baby doll appears to be one of the weighted kinds that give the sense of carrying a real baby around. The Big Bang Theory was not messing around! At this point, it would require quite a time jump for the cast to be posing with the baby doll stand-in for Amy and Sheldon’s baby.

Many fans are anxiously hoping that word of a Sheldon/Amy baby will occur in Season 12. Will that announcement happen before the series ends? Time is quickly running out. Before Season 12 started, the writers seemed open to the idea. However, it has yet to manifest in a baby storyline.

Adding to the hope that Amy and Sheldon would start having kids was a seeming confirmation from Young Sheldon. The Big Bang Theory spinoff seemed to confirm that Sheldon would have children in the future. As Season 12 has gotten closer to its end date, no baby has come on board.

Amy and Sheldon have had a lot to sift through this season. Amy has endured a meltdown over the Nobel Prize, among other plots. Kids have still been a topic of discussion on The Big Bang Theory. Penny and Leonard had to deal with their own issues on the matter. Leonard was offered the chance to biologically sire a baby for Penny’s ex, of all people.

The one-hour series finale is less than a month from now on May 16. That does not leave The Big Bang Theory with a lot of episodes to share a Big Bang baby twist. Amy and Sheldon finding out they are having a baby would be a neat way to end the show.

After all, it would fit with what frequent Big Bang Theory director Mark Cendrowski has said about how the show ends. He recently hinted that the series finale would not end on a conclusive or final note. Instead, leaving viewers with the sense that the characters’ lives will go on after the credits roll.

Amy and Sheldon learning they were going to be parents would fit with that. It would also mark two back-to-back Big Bang Theory seasons to end on a big milestone for them. The couple got married in the Season 11 finale. Flash forward to Season 12, and they could learn they are starting their family.

Find out if Amy and Sheldon get baby fever when the final season continues. New episodes of The Big Bang Theory air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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