Watch Glee's Lea Michele And Darren Criss Reunite For A Fun Duet

Fox's smash musical hit Glee has been off the air for a couple of years now, but at least two of the stars haven't lost their musical touch. Lea Michele and Darren Criss recently got together to croon an old school Glee tune together. Their rendition of "Don't You Want Me" was a blast from the past in the best way, and it's definitely worth the watch. Check it out!

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Lea Michele and Darren Criss first sang "Don't You Want Me" for Glee back in the fourteenth episode of Season 2, and it was a curious combination of hilarious and cringeworthy. Rachel and Blaine hit the stage in Rachel's basement - because of course Rachel had a stage and microphones in her basement - for a drunken duet. The two had recently made out due to a game of Spin The Bottle, and the natural progression for these two songbirds was to burst into song.

The episode aired back in 2011, so Lea Michele and Darren Criss' reunion six years later for another version of "Don't You Want Me" (as posted on the Glee Facebook page) must come as a fun surprise for fans of Glee. Michele and Criss were evidently hanging out at his house when the time came for him to bring out the guitar and her to get into groove for the song. It was only fitting that both had glasses of wine to set the mood back to the circumstances of their characters' duet.

Both actors have kept pretty busy over the last couple of years, so it's nice to know that they'll still make time to sing socially together. I can't say that I've ever burst into song over a glass of wine with friends, but I also don't have Lea Michele's singing voice. Of course, Michele was using that voice less musically for her role on Scream Queens. She did plenty of screaming, but not so many ballads or Barbra Streisand numbers.

For his part, Darren Criss has done some voice work since the end of Glee, but mostly without song. He voiced the character of Sideswipe in the animated series Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Most recently, he reunited with two other Glee alums for more primetime singing. Criss appeared as the Music Meister in the big musical crossover of The CW's Supergirl and The Flash, which put him back on screen with Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin for the first time since the end of Glee.

The Music Meister wasn't wholly vanquished at the end of the crossover, so there's a chance that he'll be back to wreak some more musical havoc in the future. That said, Darren Criss recently landed a major gig on American Crime Story Season 3 that doesn't sound like it will involve many showtunes. No matter what comes next in Lea Michele and Darren Criss' career, I'm glad we got to see them back together at least once more for the "Don't You Want Me" duet.

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