Glee's Worst Song, According To Lea Michele

Rachel Berry rolling her eyes in the choir room

If you have access to the cable network FX, you'll notice that Ryan Murphy is just about everywhere. The producer/director/writer has a litany of small screen projects currently airing, including American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and Feud. But before he basically owned a network, Ryan Murphy has his TV start with shows like Nip/Tuck and the musical extravaganza Glee. Glee was massively popular in its early seasons, earning a handful of Emmys and Golden Globes in the process. But quality and focus seemed to peter out after a few years, resulting in awkward storylines and even more awkward musical numbers. Now series star Lea Michele has revealed which of those songs was the worse.

Lea Michele recently appeared on Bravo's late night show Watch What Happens Live. During her time in the hot seat, host Andy Cohen asked Michele which Glee song was her least favorite song. Without missing a beat, Michele said:

I think the worst was 'What Does the Fox Say?' song. It was like an internet sensation song that we did with puppets. That was definitely my least favorite song we ever did.

I didn't even realize that Glee covered that ridiculous song, but that sounds about right.

"What Does the Fox Say?" went viral a few years back for being an absolutely bonkers and nonsensical spoof on pop music. And while this meme-worthy track was enjoyable for youtubers, adapting it for a network TV show sounds like a poorly laid plan. The musical number would have been rough if the motley crew of New Directions sang it themselves, but Glee's version made it even more uncomfortable by adding puppets to the mix. Check this abomination out.

So, did any of that make sense? No, no it did not. After Blaine (Darren Criss) royally pisses off the glee club, he brings them each puppet version of themselves to make it up to them. And for some reason, he sends matching ones to Rachel in New York, where she is joined by a puppeteer Adam Lambert, as the two groups somehow sing in unison (despite being across the country).

Yeah, it's that weird.

Not to be a Negative Nancy, Lea Michele also listed her favorite songs from Glee's long tenure. Much like the show itself, it looks like the best songs were from back in Season 1.

And I think the best was probably 'Somebody To Love' or 'Don't Stop Believing.'

Good call, Rachel.

Lea Michele has dropped out of FOX's Scream Queens, which is still waiting on a possible Season 3 renewal. She recently did a few pilots, so we'll just have to wait and see where we can see Michele next.

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