Emilia Clarke Shares Hilarious Response To Game Of Thrones' Starbucks Coffee Snafu

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Spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of Game of Thrones Season 8.

Only two episodes are left before Game of Thrones is done for good, and the latest featured some twists big enough to keep fans talking during the wait for the next installment. That said, a surprising amount of the Game of Thrones social media chatter has had nothing to do with the fate of Dany's remaining dragon, the brewing conflict between Dany and Cersei, or even what Jon is doing back on Dragonstone in the next episode. No, fans everywhere are talking about Dany's coffee cup.

At the Winterfell feast in the first chunk of the fourth episode, Dany can be seen drinking from a cup of wine, but that's not the only cup she has handy. Sitting right out on the table in all its anachronistic glory is a coffee cup that definitely doesn't belong in Westeros. While HBO has edited the cup out of digital versions of the episode, it was too late to prevent the memes from spreading. Now, Emilia Clarke has taken to social media herself with a response to all the buzz about the coffee cup snafu. Take a look:

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Emilia Clarke's Instagram caption indicates that HBO was being honest with the statement it released in response to all the coffee cup buzz: Daenerys is a tea-drinker, not a fan of lattes. According to her hashtags, Clarke leaves the teabags in when she drinks her tea, so it should be easy to identify any cups as hers if they make it into a finished episode again.

Maybe it really was all Jason Momoa's fault! Perhaps he channeled his inner Khal Drogo and messed with a Winterfell scene to get back at Jon for hooking up with Dany. Hey, if Drogon isn't going to roast him for it and nobody other than Varys seems inclined to call out the incest angle, somebody has to do it!

In all seriousness, Emilia Clarke's response to the coffee cup snafu (which actually turned out to be very profitable for Starbucks) packed a double whammy: it delivered a joke about the very noticeable episode gaffe and gave fans a look behind the scenes to when Jason Momoa dropped by set.

The Starbucks Cup And 7 Other Great Game Of Thrones Set Errors

The enduring friendship between the former khal and khaleesi despite Drogo's death back in Season 1 has been fun to watch via social media, and Jason Momoa never fails to cheer on his former on-screen wife. Emilia Clarke was careful to note that this pic of Momoa with herself and Peter Dinklage is not a spoiler, despite the fact that both Clarke and Dinklage are in costume.

I probably wouldn't have thought that it was a spoiler anyway, considering I definitely don't remember Drogo ever wearing anything like Jason Momoa's ensemble in the photo with his hair loose, let alone with that hat. This is pure Momoa chilling out with his Game of Thrones pals. The only way this pic could really be more fun is if Momoa was holding a Guinness. All kinds of craziness could ensue if he had a Guinness.

Find out what happens next for Daenerys -- and keep an eye out for any other flubs -- when the final two episodes of Game of Thrones air the next two Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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