Yes, Killing Eve Already Has A Plan For Season 3

Villanelle in pajamas in Killing Eve

Killing Eve is coming back for Season 3. The popular show was actually renewed right away, with BBC America signing on for more episodes right after Season 2 hit the schedule. So, does this mean there’s already a plan for Season 3 of Killing Eve?

Executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle revealed in a recent interview that the new episodes have already gotten off the ground already. In fact, the major beats have started to be mapped out, although the show isn’t anywhere near ready to go into production for Season 3 yet. She said:

We do! We have a sketchy map with little bits colored in various places. I think what is fun about the show is because we kill so many people, there’s always room to bring in new brilliant key people that you either kill or you going to keep going — but we’ve got a plan.

So, if you ever wondered if shows work in advance, the answer is: some do. In Killing Eve’s case, at least from what Sally Woodward Gentle told Deadline, there are beats that have been planned out in advance.

We’re about to get into spoilers now, so if you aren’t caught up on the show, now’s your chance to get the heck out of this article.

Some of this paid off at the end of Season 2, when Villanelle ultimately pulled out her weapon and shot Eve after a conversation where Villanelle attempted to tell Eve about her feelings for foil. The moment comes full circle after the end of Season 1, when Eve caught up to Villanelle in Paris and ultimately stabbed her.

In particular, Sally Woodward Gentle seems excited about the future of Killing Eve outside of its two leading ladies. In particular, there will be “new brilliant key people” coming in. She also said that with the writing process with Killing Eve, Season 2 was similar, with the creative team knowing right away what would happen but not how exactly it would all play out. She said:

We suspected what would happen is that Villanelle would manipulate Eve into killing somebody. So we had that mapped out, but we didn’t have the detail of it mapped out… I can’t remember the point where we actually knew what the detail was, but I think it’s inevitable. What Emerald [Fennell] really wanted to do was explore that both Eve and Villanelle are slightly deluded about what each other means to the other, what they mean to themselves, and what they mean to their own egos.

Now the two ladies have both had their way with one another, in a violent sense, the question is: Where could Season 3 go?

We’ll have to wait some time to find out, unfortunately, as this is a show that generally keeps its secrets close to the vest. For now you can take a look at what is headed to TV much sooner with our full premiere schedule. Killing Eve is also streaming on Hulu.

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