Netflix's Most-Watched Series Right Now May Surprise You (It's Not Lucifer Or Black Mirror)

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Netflix has revealed its most-watched series for late Spring 2019. The streamer rarely makes the move of sharing its viewership info with fans. Well, it is making an exception to share what has been most popular this month.

The most-watched show since May 31 has not been the popular Netflix-saved series Lucifer. It arrived early last month on May 8. Nor is it the divisively received, but always viral, fifth season of Black Mirror. It premiered on the streamer on June 5. It's not even the addictive Dead to Me, which premiered May 3 and just got renewed for Season 2. Find out what it is via the Netflix tweet below:

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Netflix reports that its original miniseries When They See Us has been its most-watched series. When They See Us premiered on the streamer at the very end of last month -- May 31. The tweet was posted on June 12. Meaning that When They See Us has been the most-watched TV series on Netflix for almost two weeks.

Ava DuVernay, who created, directed, and co-wrote the drama, responded to the news below Netflix’s post. In the tweet, she thanked those who watched the series “on behalf of all the artists” who made When They See Us.

Twitter users have retweeted Netflix’s announcement more than 25,000 times with the tweet garnering over 87,000 likes. When They See Us is based on the true story of the Central Park Five. Here is Netflix’s official description of the four-part drama:

Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they're falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park.

When They See Us has received widespread critical acclaim. The series has secured a 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In comparison, Black Mirror’s fifth season earned a 66% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Black Mirror’s most significant issues in Season 5, according to the critics, spanned several areas.

One of Season 5’s episodes made it onto the list of CinemaBlend’s own Gina Carbone's picks for the ten best Black Mirror episodes. Fans are currently waiting for a decisive announcement on a sixth season.

Meanwhile, Lucifer fans know that the end is in sight for their series. Combined with news of its renewal came the announcement that its fifth season would also be the show's last. A petition for Lucifer to live on beyond that has already been started.

As for Netflix sharing its ratings, that is a rare thing for the streamer. It has done so on occasion, and usually to brag -- like it did for Bird Box's viewer numbers. Last month, Netflix’s U.K. Twitter account revealed the top 10 most-watched series on the service in the U.K. during April. The Stephen King-praised Z Nation spinoff Black Summer proved incredibly popular. Otherwise, those curious have had to rely on third-party means to gauge what subscribers are binge-watching most.

Stay tuned to see if Netflix keeps its ratings reveals going. When They See Us is currently streaming on Netflix, along with four seasons (so far) of Lucifer and five of Black Mirror. More series are set to join them throughout the year as new summer content continues to arrive on television.

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