Watch America's Got Talent's Shadow Theater Recreate Game Of Thrones With Incredible Shadow Act

America's Got Talent is notable among reality talent competition shows for opening the stage up to any act with any kind of talent, rather than just singing or dancing or magic. The result is unconventional acts dazzling audiences who may have never seen such things before, and one especially dazzling AGT group from this season is Shadow Theatre VERBA.

They debuted on AGT with a heartwrenching performance to Boyce Avenue's "Love Me Like You Do." If that performance wasn't enough for you, they have another incredible act worth watching, and it just so happens to be based on Game of Thrones.

Although Game of Thrones came to an end earlier this year with a divisive and somewhat disappointing series finale, Shadow Theatre VERBA captured the magic that made Game of Thrones so popular in the firsts place in a performance from back in 2018. Prepare yourself for a journey back to Westeros -- albeit a shadowy journey -- and take a look!

Described as Shadow Theatre VERBA's "1st 3D SHADOW SHOW," this shadow recreation of Game of Thrones has everything any Thrones fan could want. It has the Iron Throne, a direwolf, a weirwood tree, dragons, a horde of ice zombies reanimating, battles, and even a couple of recognizable characters. Also, for a performance that took place back in November 2018, it was kinda sorta on the money for a bunch of events from Season 8 after it premiered in April 2019.

The female figure with the slim sword who emerged from the weirwood tree is pretty clearly meant to be Arya, and her battle with a crowned king ended with his death. Did Arya kill any flesh and blood kings with Needle after a swordfight? No. Did she manage to take out the Night King with a different sort of blade? She sure did! And it was as awesome as it was unexpected, in my book.

Daenerys and her dragons were also key to holding off the army of wights until Arya had the chance to assassinate the Night King at the Battle of Winterfell, back before Dany snapped and went all Mad Queen on King's Landing. The battle against the wights in VERBA's performance actually looked similar to what went down in the Season 5 episode "Hardhome," when Jon Snow discovered that Valyrian steel could destroy White Walkers as much as dragonglass could.

And the performance even ended with spring coming, which may fit with the book saga ending that George R.R. Martin has in mind. That is, if George R.R. Martin ever stops taking on new projects and finishes the book saga. A Dream of Spring indeed! In the meantime, at least we can hopefully count on VERBA continuing to perform some incredible acts, even if they can't all be Game of Thrones-centric and filled with special effects.

In case you haven't seen the mind-blowing America's Got Talent performance just yet, check it out:

No dragons or zombies in this one! Just a bittersweet love story that honestly feels more like part of the opening of Up than anything that happened on Game of Thrones. What kind of future does Shadow Theatre VERBA have on America's Got Talent? Be sure to tune in to find out.

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