Are Barrett Foa And Renee Felice Smith Returning To NCIS: Los Angeles In Season 11?

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Not many shows can boast of keeping the exact same core cast for nine full seasons, but NCIS: Los Angeles' ensemble at the end of Season 10 was pretty much identical to the core cast at the beginning of Season 2, when NCIS: LA really found its groove. While Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith have been a dynamic tech duo together since Season 2, Season 10 didn't end with it entirely clear if they'd be back. Now the truth is revealed: both actors will be back.

Yes, both Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith will return to NCIS: Los Angeles as series regulars for the upcoming Season 11, according to TVLine. In true NCIS: LA fashion, the Season 10 finale ended on a major cliffhanger and not a whole lot of answers. So, knowing two of the characters who will be back can narrow down some of what we have to speculate about until Season 11's September premiere date. Apparently, Eric and Nell will not be taking jobs in San Francisco.

It does leave plenty for us to ponder still. Will all of the good guys survive? Will Hetty stick around despite the real-life circumstances that kept Linda Hunt out of the game for a while? Will a JAG spinoff happen now that David James Elliott and Catherine Bell have reprised their roles? Will Kensi and Deeks ever have kids of their own despite the fact that it would require Kensi to at least take a break from the NCIS lifestyle?

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The writing seems on the wall for that last couple more than any others, all things considered. At various points, both Kensi and Deeks have expressed a desire to start a family, and NCIS: LA didn't shy away from the characters acknowledging that they couldn't both live the NCIS life and have kids. Actors Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen are also in-laws, so perhaps they'll leave at the same time if they leave at all before the series comes to an end.

I know I'd sign on for anything that doesn't involve more Densi drama. Whatever happens, hopefully we wouldn't lose both of the core cast couples. Kensi and Deeks may be the biggest romance of the series, but Eric and Nell have been endearingly devoted to each other, and without the melodrama of other NCIS: LA relationships. It would have been hard to imagine one leaving the other at this point in their relationship, so it's a relief to know they'll both be back for Season 11.

CBS actually took its time in announcing the renewal of NCIS: Los Angeles for Season 11, despite the possibility that CBS is considering a JAG revival to spin off of LA. Neither NCIS: LA nor NCIS: New Orleans were renewed when NCIS was, so fans were stuck waiting and hoping.

With NCIS: Los Angeles now returning for Season 11, it becomes one of the longest-running series on CBS thanks to the end of The Big Bang Theory in May and the upcoming conclusion of Criminal Minds, although that show won't premiere until later in the TV season than usual.

Surprisingly, NCIS: Los Angeles and other shows have already revealed their fall premiere dates despite the fact that summer has only just started, so you can already start planning your fall viewing schedule. If you need some options sooner rather than later, there are plenty of summer shows hitting the airwaves as well.

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