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CBS' Ransom Shares Thankful Message With Fans Following Cancellation

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Since its beginning, Ransom has had its share of struggles on CBS. It was cancelled after failing to find an audience in its unusual Saturday primetime slot, but then brought back for Season 2 rather unexpectedly. Then came the Season 3 renewal which may have had some hopeful for Season 4, but it turns out that Season 3's finale was the series finale and there will be no more episodes of the scripted drama.

The CBS series broke the news to its fans on social media, and shared a heartfelt thanks to all who stuck with them throughout the run. It seems the ride for the Ransom cast and crew has been just as fun for those who enjoyed the show.

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The final season of Ransom averaged around 2.3 million viewers and a .26 rating (via TVLine) in the key demographic, which isn't great but was around the same performance numbers it had in Season 2. Additionally, the series aired on Saturday nights, which is about the worst time slot for any television series that isn't named Saturday Night Live. Any show would probably struggle in that slot, so Ransom's underwhelming performance on CBS wasn't exactly surprising.

So, is there any chance of Ransom finding a home elsewhere? At the moment, there haven't been any significant pushes by fans for Season 4, and the cast and crew don't seem to be encouraging that either. Weirdly enough, a few tweets attached to Ransom's goodbye came from the Scorpion community, who seemed to hop on the message to remind disgruntled fans their show was cancelled by CBS as well over a year ago.

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The bar for Ransom's renewal was believed to be pretty low, due to the series being a low-cost acquisition for CBS. With that in mind, it makes the cancellation all the more confusing when it performed at about the same level as it did the prior season. Perhaps executives hoped it would improve from Season 2, or there's another plan in the works for a series that may do better in its Saturday time slot.

For the three season it ran, Ransom centered around Eric Beaumont (Luke Roberts), who was a veteran crisis and hostage negotiator. He and his team helped bring resolution in situations that involved some of the world's most dangerous criminals. The series was actually based on the real lives of negotiators Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery. The series was shot around the world, with filming locations set up in Canada, Budapest, and France just to name a few.

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Ransom isn't the only CBS series cancelled in recent months, and may not be the only one to end in the near future, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for updates on the latest renewals and cancellations and other television news.

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