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Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Are Jack's Nominees And Is Kemi His Target?

Big Brother 21 Jack is HoH David just returned for Camp Comeback twist CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Which bitches are conspiring against Kathryn Dunn this week on Big Brother 21? Well, her name did come up as an easy replacement nominee option, if necessary, but Head of Household Jack Matthews has a different plan in mind. Jack is the second Head of Household of the 2019 season and late Wednesday -- shortly after his live HoH comp win -- he revealed his plan for nominations. He went ahead and confirmed those choices during the Nomination Ceremony on Friday, July 5 evening:

Nomination plan: Jessica Milagros and Kemi FakunlePotential replacement nominee if either Jess or Kemi come off the block: Kathryn DunnEviction target: Kemi

That was Jack's early plan after the first live show of Big Brother 21 and he confirmed it at the Nomination Ceremony. The Chaos Whacktivity Competition was also held on Friday, with Holly, Jack, Jackson, Sam, and Tommy competing. It's not obvious yet who won or what they got as a power. We'll see Jack's nominations and the second Whacktivity comp play out in Sunday's episode. The Power of Veto competition may be held Saturday, if the CBS show is back on its usual schedule, with viewers watching the comp on Wednesday's episode before Thursday's second live eviction of the season. Stay tuned for any updates.

Jackson Michie, aka just Michie, would be happy to see Kathryn leave, since he's now in a showmance with Holly Allen -- after he supposedly had sex with Kathryn at least three times early in the game -- and now he wants Kat in the friend zone. But Jack's target appears to be Kemi. That could change, though. You'll recall that HoH Christie Murphy's initial target was Kemi, and she changed it because she wasn't content to do Jack and Jackson/Michie's dirty work.

Big Brother 21 Kemi talks to Nicole

Kemi told Nicole Anthony -- she's tight with Nicole, which I love -- that she'll be sad to be on the block on her birthday, but better to be on the block than worried about being backdoored.

Four of the women (Isabella Wang, Kemi, Nicole, Jess) formed an alliance, called the Black Widows...

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... but with two members on the block, that's not much help for either Kemi or Jess. It does look like Kemi or Jess will be evicted next Thursday. Even if one comes off and they sit next to Kat, Kat will most likely just be the pawn again. Unless Kat freaks out or finally makes good on her threat to quit.

Normally, the HoH comp is after Thursday's live show, and nominations are on Friday, with the Power of Veto competition held Saturday. That's possibly the schedule this week as well, with the houseguests just taking a break on Independence Day.

Big Brother 21 has a special twist that Julie Chen(-Moonves) just introduced, called Camp Comeback.

Ovi Kabir was evicted Wednesday, July 3 by a unanimous vote of 12-0. However, that was not the end of his story. In the Camp Comeback twist, the evicted houseguests will not be leaving the Big Brother house. They will continue to live in the house as members of Camp Comeback. Camp Comeback members are out of the game. They won't participate in challenges or ceremonies, and they won't vote. They will, however, live camp-style upstairs. They'll continue to play the social game with everyone else in the house.

One of the first four evicted houseguests will get to return to the game.

So far, David Alexander and Ovi are part of Camp Comeback. Jackson has already been busy trashing David on the live feeds, hating that the guy he banished is back in the game. If Kemi is Jack's target and evicted, she'll join David and Ovi -- but she'll still be in the house and eligible to return to the game.

Big Brother Season 21 continues on its normal schedule of Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS. Watch the drama play out on the live feeds (opens in new tab).

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