Bachelorette Spoilers: Does Hannah Dump Tyler C. Over Physical Connection?

The Bachelorette Tyler C looks concerned on overnight date with Hannah B ABC

Shirtless Tyler C massage The Bachelorette 2019 Season 15 ABC

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead on how Bachelorette Hannah Brown's 2019 Season 15 reportedly ends.

As much as I'd rather be skeptical, I do believe the updated spoilers that Hannah Brown picks Jed Wyatt instead of Tyler Cameron in The Bachelorette 2019 finale. I very much preferred the original spoiler that she picked Tyler C. And it may be that Hannah ultimately rejects Tyler C. over not having a connection deeper than sexual chemistry, as suggested in a new ABC promo.

That's not a spoiler in itself, but now it's in my mind as a possible explanation for picking Jed over Tyler. Because seriously. Make that make sense.

Sure, the new Bachelorette promo is probably deceptive, as they tend to be, but it could also be a hint on how Hannah and Tyler C.'s relationship falls apart. Maybe Hannah B. just feels she has a deeper overall connection with Jed. (Or maybe the sex is just better. Jed is supposedly windmill man, after all. UPDATE: Wait, Peter is windmill sex man?! I am shooketh.)

The new promo shared exclusively with People shows Hannah B. expressing reservations about her relationship with Tyler C. purely being physical. She's trying to take this seriously ... while also demanding that she gets to take all four dudes on overnight dates in Greece.

Here's what the promo suggests Bachelorette Hannah says to Tyler C. during the Monday, July 15 Fantasy Suites episode:

I feel like our relationship has been so fun, so easy getting to know each other. But there is a concern for me about our physical relationship. It is a huge part of our relationship. I just am so captivated about being around you and you holding me and kissing me -- like, I just want that, I do. And so, I have to kind of reset myself sometimes and think, 'Okay, that’s great. You know that [the physical aspect is] there.' But like, it has to be more. I don’t want to go into the Fantasy Suite...

That's where the promo cuts off, but there's an excellent chance Hannah Brown finishes her sentence with some kind of "but" or adds clarification that she wants to know they have more than just chemistry. It's possible she wants to go into the Fantasy Suite with Tyler C. not to have sex, but to talk away from cameras and make sure there's more to their story than just feeling each other up.

Hannah and Tyler C. do have a lot of that sexual chemistry, although I would argue Tyler C. probably has chemistry with my keyboard. Luke P. does not like Hannah's open feelings on sex, and that's going to be a big deal moving forward, as other promos have already shown. But it's good to hear from Hannah B. that she's looking for more than just a sexual connection. She really went there to find her husband.

The Bachelorette Tyler C looks concerned on overnight date with Hannah B ABC

Tyler C. has earned a big fan base of his own, which is partly why I called him the new Peter Kraus. It's easy to be confused by Hannah's love for Jed when you read about his alleged ex-girlfriend back home, and the other woman he was supposedly seeing while he was dating his girlfriend. But we don't know the full story yet from Jed, and it sounds like Bachelorette Hannah didn't know that story before they got engaged.

Reality Steve recently updated fans to say Hannah ended her engagement with Jed, and then dumped him completely. He also said the dumping was filmed to be shown on the second night of The Bachelorette finale's "After the Final Rose" special on Tuesday, July 30. That should be something.

But save room for any further spoiler updates, because you never know. I'm excited at the idea of Tyler C. possibly getting back together with Hannah or becoming the next Bachelor -- but there's always the small percentage of chance that the updated spoilers are still wrong.

Don't forget that after Bachelorette Hannah finishes her journey to an epic car crash, we have the epic car crash of Bachelor in Paradise 2019 starting in August. Several of her former boyfriends will be on that season, and it sounds like at least one finds lasting love.

The Bachelorette Season 15 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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