The Bachelorette's Hannah Reveals 'Silver Lining' Behind Luke P. Relationship

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Alright, Bachelor Nation. We can finally take that breath we've been holding since basically the beginning of Hannah's season of The Bachelorette. Earlier this week, she finally saw that Luke P. was not the man for her, and kicked him to a Greek curb during dinner; right before their fantasy suite date.

After all the trouble Luke caused, not just in the mansion with Hannah's other suitors, but also with Hannah, it sounds like she's come to terms with their messy relationship and has managed to find some positive takeaways from all the grief she went through with him. Looking back now, here's what Hannah had to say about it:

Even though it was difficult in the moment and it has been difficult watching it back, there’s definitely a silver lining to the relationship I had with Luke P. I grew a lot from that relationship. I think every time you go through a difficult relationship, you realize more and more about what you will and you won’t have in your next relationship — what you deserve and what you don’t deserve.

Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Even though many Bachelorette fans were screaming on a weekly basis as we watched Hannah continue to forgive Luke his many slights against her, this is exactly the lesson she needed to take from it. As we saw with Monday's episode (and the Twitter feud that erupted between the former sorta-lovebirds during their on-screen breakup) Hannah has finally seen how Luke was treating her and now knows she wants no more of that from him or anyone in the future.

The most recent episode saw Hannah and her four remaining suitors embark on their fantasy suite dates, with Hannah having one-on-one dates with each man before being given the opportunity to spend the night with them if she wanted. Early in the episode, Hannah and suitor Peter Weber enjoyed a stay in a windmill, which resulted in them having sex during their night together.

A few days later, her date with Luke came to a screeching halt when he told her he'd want to leave if he found out that she'd had sex with anyone else during fantasy suites week. He also said a lot of other things that infuriated Hannah, and their conversation led to her telling Luke she did not want him to be her husband and dumping him. When he refused to leave, saying that he didn't believe she had the clarity she clearly told him that she finally had about their relationship, Hannah revealed that she had sex just to get him to hit bricks.

In her conversation with People, Hannah also talked about what it was like to have such a private talk publicly and how she hopes it wakes people up.

It was a very candid version of that for people to witness and to maybe see some similarities that they might have in their relationship and [ask], ‘Is this something that I’m dealing with and do I need to end this relationship?’ Or, ‘Have I been in a relationship that has hurt me before and has it caused insecurities in me now and what do I need to do to move forward?' I am really thankful that I didn’t have to wait until after this season to use my platform. I’m getting to use my platform as the Bachelorette — on my season — to really make change through my experience. So definitely a silver lining. I’m glad if I can help anybody.

Yet another bright side from Hannah about her time trying to figure out Luke P. Unfortunately, the trailer for next week's show implies that he will continue to be completely dismissive of her feelings when he shows up to crash her rose ceremony with the remaining men. We can see what comes of that when The Bachelorette continues on ABC, Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.

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