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Watch A TV News Anchor Confuse Her Marvel And DC Superheroes In The Most Confident Way Possible

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(Image credit: Patrick Harbron / Netflix)

Marvel and DC superheroes are iconic. However, it can sometimes be challenging to remember which superhero belongs to which comic book house. This is what happened to one TV news anchor when she was covering a Marvel-related development. Check out the clip below:

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Unfortunately, for the TV news anchor, her mistake is two-fold. Superman is actually not a Marvel superhero. He belongs to DC, the home of Batman, the Green Arrow, and The Flash, among others. Two of these heroes will definitely be taking part in the next Arrow-verse crossover, while Superman's status for “Crisis on Infinite Earths" just got confirmed.

Superman being misidentified as a Marvel hero is not the only mistake the TV anchor made. The epic line “With great power comes great responsibility” was actually said by Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben. Spiderman is Peter Parker’s superhero alter ego and a member of the Marvel universe.

In all fairness, keeping all of your superheroes, and who said what, straight can be tricky. Plus, the anchor was probably reading from a prompter and may not have had a chance to fact check what she was going to say beforehand. But, someone should have caught the errors before she said it on the air, right? Now, she has this viral moment to deal with. My heart goes out to her.

As for the news story itself, here is some background. As many fans know, Netflix has cancelled all of its Marvel series. That leaves costumes with no one left to wear them. Since the dust has settled, things are now underway to change that. Or, at least, the possibility of it. In truth, all of the auctioned costumes will probably be in someone’s display case.

Months ago, It was announced that fans would get a chance to own costumes from Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Selling the costumes has come quite a while since the shows got cancelled, but that auction finally coming to fruition appears to be the story that the TV news anchor was covering during her report.

As for the cancellations, first came Iron Fist then Luke Cage in October. Both had two seasons under their belt when they got the upsetting news, but Netflix was not done. A month later, the streamer announced it had also cancelled Daredevil following its third season.

This, despite the show reportedly being one of Netflix’s top five shows when it got cancelled. After the news, one Daredevil writer said they thought the show was too big to fail. A few months later, the final round of Marvel series was cancelled, with Jessica Jones and The Punisher both getting the ax in February. Thus, bringing Marvel’s Netflix era to an end.

Hulu subsequently said it was on-board to revive Daredevil and the other cancelled Marvel shows. Fans will have to stay apprised to find out if Disney+ eventually brings the characters back. They already have a rumored roster full of Marvel shows.

You can still watch Marvel’s Netflix (opens in new tab) series on the streaming platform, along with a lot of other new content. There are countless summer premieres if you need something else to watch while you await Disney+’s slate of superhero content and the return of all the Arrow-verse shows on The CW. And, remember that both of those viewing options should help you keep all of your Marvel and DC heroes straight.

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