Seth MacFarlane Talks Whether Family Guy And American Dad Will Cross Over

family guy crossover potential

Family Guy and American Dad have a few things in common, but the big one is they both were created by Seth MacFarlane, who is also one of the names behind such shows as The Orville, The Cleveland Show and who produces Cosmos: A Space Odyssey.

Back in the day, Family Guy and American Dad were both Fox programs. It was easy not only to reference one another but for those two shows -- and The Cleveland Show -- to come up with creative ways to fill a night of television. At one point, we even got the "Night of the Hurricane" block spanning across all three shows, although there wasn't really a ton of "crossing over." But will the Fox and TBS comedies do an actual combined, in-universe, full crossover? Seth MacFarlane doesn't think it's the worst idea.

Despite The Flintstones Meet The Jetsons, I still think it would be a good idea. I think that’s very possible. I think that’s your next hourlong special right there… Call me when it’s done.

At Comic-Con this year, Seth MacFarlane spoke out about the possibility of this sort of crossover event moving forward for both programs. In general, he seemed reluctant to ever want to fully close the door on any possibility. His “never say never” attitude generated headlines a couple of years ago when he spoke out about the possibility of a Family Guy and The Orville episode as well.

While that sort of crossover possibility leads me to a lot of questions (it would have to be animating The Orville characters right?), crossing over Family Guy and American Dad would be an easier fit in a lot of ways, particularly given the characters on both shows do have some shared history already. I say might, as there is at least one issue that would need to be overcome.

First of all, while both animated series are Fox-owned programs, American Dad currently airs on TBS, while Family Guy airs on Fox. Logistically, working out where a crossover episode would air and how that would work would likely prove to be the big challenge for this sort of event these days.

And anyway, the shows have already cross-referenced one another and even had characters pop in between shows, most of the time time fulfill some sort of joke. If you've been a longtime fan of Seth MacFarlane's work, you've probably seen this happen at one point or another, but if not, you can get an idea, below.

Although McFarlane has previously spoken out about how he has believed Family Guy will end at some point, at Comic-Con this year he was bullish about the prospect of it going on for a long time, long after Seth MacFarlane is dead.

I think, at this point, Family Guy is going to outlive me.

Given Seth MacFarlane is only 45, that’s a bold prediction, but probably not out of the realm of possibility given how long animated programs such as The Simpsons have run. (Interestingly, we have seen a The Simpsons and Family Guy cross over.) Now, about that Family Guy movie...

Family Guy will return for its 18th season on Fox this fall. American Dad has been renewed for its 17th season (5th on TBS). See what else is coming up with our full premiere schedule.

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