Big Brother Spoilers: Who Was Evicted, Sam Or Kat?

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SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Big Brother 21 head of household Holly Allen may not really be playing Jackson Michie's game, as she's been accused by multiple houseguests, but it does seem like she spent most of the week playing into Christie Murphy's hands. Christie wants Sam Smith out this Thursday, August 1, 2019. She's probably going to get her way. Unless a blindside is ahead? I love a blindside as much as anyone, but of the two final nominees, I'd evict Sam over Kathryn Dunn. Still, as of right before the Thursday live eviction, it looked like it really could go either way -- Sam or Kat.

UPDATE: Ugh. Even after all the build-up, they voted to evict Sam anyway. Good for Julie Chen-Moonves and her horrible dress for making it seem like a blindside was ahead, though, instead of the most boring unanimous vote.

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The bitches were conspiring against Kat after all! It was all part of Sam's operation expose Christie situation (see below). Christie's game is now hanging by a thread. Will a house flip really happen? I love Kat, but I also love a blindside. Plus, she volunteered knowing pawns go home. Could be much ado about nothing, to create drama for the show, and Sam leaves by a landslide anyway.

At least Nicole Anthony is safe -- and apparently eligible for jury? I'm hearing jury starts after this week's eviction, so Sam/Kat might be the last houseguest to go home. Still hoping Nicole never sees jury and instead gets to the very end.

Holly was still slightly on the fence going into the Veto ceremony on Monday, seeming torn about who to put up as a replacement nominee. Holly nominated Sam and Nick Maccarone for eviction, but Nick won the Power of Veto competition, which was held Saturday and will be shown Wednesday night. That definitely saved Nick's butt, since he was the target. Nick brought himself down on Monday, and Holly had to replace him.

Holly's dilemma: Should she put a pawn next to Sam, or backdoor someone and keep Sam? Sam had told Holly and her showmance man Michie that he would not put them up if he won HoH next. On the other hand, Nicole is someone Holly and Michie don't trust and want out ASAP. But if only one person can be evicted each week (until the double eviction) then they have to figure out who is first.

They is The Six Shooters, but I'm happy to note that The Six Shooters are already eyeing each other for bullets. Christie hasn't been shy with her complaints about Jackson, and Jackson has also noticed that they seem to do whatever Christie wants -- and not just because she still has her power for another week. Jackson also got on Analyse Talavera's bad side during the endurance HoH comp. Jackson Michie started the season unpopular with fans, and he's earned new enemies in the past week by appearing to blow off Have-Not rules on the live feeds. I wish they would just backdoor him this week, but that's not an option anymore -- plus, Holly is sleeping with the guy.

Holly decided to go with the easy choice, which was made frustratingly easy by Kat herself. Kat volunteered to go up as a replacement nominee pawn. Never never never do that! Even if you do stay in the house -- and at this point it does look like Sam will be evicted over Kat -- you never know what will happen, and you take potential blood off the HoH's hands. Even if you like the HoH, make them play their own game. Don't hand them an easy resume move.

So, yeah, as of Wednesday it still looks like Sam will be evicted over Kat. Will the field trip Julie Chen teased change anything? We still need to hear more about that.

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Kat is playing both sides of the house but it's known to most that she is doing so. Most, but maybe not all. Kat is still trying to maintain cover with The Other Side Of The House (they need an actual name - can we go back to Fellowship of the Zing?) while The Six Shooters know they have her in their pocket.

However, Kat seems eager to get rid of Jackson, and Christie would give her no argument. This week may be a dud, unless somehow the upcoming field trip can salvage things, but everyone in the house expects a double eviction to be coming soon. Can we hope to see Jackson vs. Christie?

On Wednesday afternoon, Sam finally went ahead and started blowing up Christie's game to Jackson. I don't think it will save Sam this week, Holly really wants Kat to stay, but Jackson talked to Holly about what Sam said, and Holly and Jackson told Jack about it right before the Wednesday Big Brother air time. They now know Christie was trying to form an alliance with the other side of the house. They thought, by Wednesday night, that it was just Christie trying to take shots at Jack and Jackson, and not also Tommy.

The Target Christie movement seems to be growing. However, they know Christie has her power for another week so they plan to hold onto the information for now. Still, Jackson said if he wins HoH he'll put up Nicole and Kat and backdoor Christie. That's his play.

Christie is always paranoid and she's terrified about the double eviction ahead, even with a power in her back pocket for next week. That may be the time we finally see the couples turn on each other, and they all want extra ammunition from side alliances -- like trying to use Nick to take out people.

Nick is staying in the house no matter what, and Christie's argument was that if they separate Nick from Sam, Nick will naturally be more loyal to them because he has nowhere else to go. Bella was his game's downfall, and without Bella maybe that game can be salvaged.

Nick does seem frustratingly willing to work with The Six Shooters again, rather than taking shots at them. He thinks working with them will help his game, but I think they'll just thank him if he helps take out Nicole, Jess, Kat, and Cliff, then pat him on the head and send him to jury. That's assuming they don't just take out Nick next. They might. It looks like they want either Nick or Nicole out after Sam. Here's hoping Nicole wins the next HoH, or maybe Kat, to possibly get out someone like Jackson.

It's too dangerous to keep both Nick and Sam in the house this week, since Sam has won two Vetos and now Nick has two comp wins under his belt as well. Nicole? What has Nicole won? She's less of a threat. However, sometimes Big Brother has crapshoot comps that can be won through pure luck, and I'm hoping Nicole can win one of those. I love when an underdog surprises people. Make them kiss her ass for a change.

The Veto ceremony should be shown on Wednesday, and Sam will probably be evicted on Thursday, unless something changes. And then do we vote for the three people to go on a field trip, with one of their games being in jeopardy? We don't even know what that means yet. It would be exciting if the field trip vote helped Sam's game in some way, but it's all speculation at this point.

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