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Jersey Shore Fans Can 'Get Crazy' And Loud In The Original Jersey Shore House

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Those in Seaside Heights that "wanna have fun and do something crazy" now have an ultimate shore house to hang out in. I should say the shore house, as the owner of the original Jersey Shore house is now offering fans and vacationers alike a chance to stay in the iconic beach house the cast stayed in for large chunks of the original series. Patrons can "get crazy" and "get loud" to their hearts delight in the space, provided they have the cash to stay there.

And for the record, staying at Jersey Shore landmark is not cheap. The six bedroom beach house rings in at the lofty price of $3000 dollars a night, but comes with full access to a house that looks like very little has changed since it was first featured on MTV. For example, the "duck phone" is still hanging out right next to the giant bean bag chair, and the rest of the decor appears largely the same.

Which is more or less perfect for Jersey Shore super fans who can now recreate some (but not all) of the iconic moments that happened on the show. The big fight between Angelina and Snooki is a great one, and who can forget the whole saga (we miss you Sammi Sweetheart) behind who wrote the note? Fans can now stand in the same spot the cast "spiraled," and even sleep in the same rooms some of them "smushed" in.

As a bit of an added bonus, it's worth mentioning that booking the Jersey Shore house will put patrons in contact with an alumni of the series. Remember Danny Merk who ran the Shore Store the cast worked at? He still owns the shore house, and is the person who listed it on for other people to desecrate with excessive amounts of partying. Let's hope people aren't jerks and destroy it immediately.

That doesn't seem too likely to happen though considering the high price point to rent it out. It's especially high considering surrounding pricing for vacation spaces in Seaside Heights is far lower in comparison, but that's the perk of having a shore house serve as the setting for one of MTV's biggest reality shows. Someone will shell out the money and spend the weekend fist pumping and yelling "Ron stahp" until their voice is fried, and that's fine.

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