Jersey Shore Family Vacation's JWoww Defends Herself Against 'Hypocrite' Criticism In Season 3

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 brought in a ton of drama from the jump, including cast members getting upset with other cast members about putting personal drama out there. JWoww has so far been silent on the MTV show regarding the details of her divorce with husband Roger Matthews so, and friends like Ronnie Ortiz-Magro can't help but feel she's being hypocritical by keeping her drama under wraps while his dirty laundry has been aired out all over the show.

In what could be seen as a rare occurrence for this show, a number of Jersey Shore Family Vacation viewers are in full agreement with Ronnie. Fans took to social media to say that JWoww's insistence on keeping her personal life separate from the show is unfair, and are calling her out directly on it. Never one to back down, JWoww fired back with some reasoning behind her 'hypocrisy,' and mentioned the episode's timing does play a part in her quiet nature as well.

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That little dig there at the end feels as though it was directed back at the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast mate who started all the "hypocrisy" talk, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. It's worth mentioning that JWoww's timeline seems to be a bit off in her tweet, since news of her divorce from Roger Matthews first hit headlines in late September. If the most recent episodes' footage was shot in October – which tracks, considering Situation's sentencing was two days before the Dude Ranch episodes were filmed – then the divorce news was public knowledge.

With that being said, there is some wisdom to be found in JWoww's response. Episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation will likely be around long enough for her children to eventually watch, and though it's hard to know how long Twitter and Instagram will be around, she may not want her children to on day see her speaking ill of their father so publicly. She's definitely done her best to keep things private in most circumstances, even if she eventually had to make statements regarding her marital situation.

Still, Ronnie may have his own point in saying that JWoww shouldn't be instigating discussions bringing up his drama on camera if she wishes to keep hers out of the spotlight. The jab at Ronnie on social media (months after the fact) may imply she wasn't completely aware that her Jersey Shore Family Vacation housemate felt that way at the time.

Ronnie rarely tweets, so he may not have seen JWoww's dig yet. If he does, though, it could kick up some additional drama on Jersey Shore's outskirts while everyone waits for The Situation to get released.

The big question behind all this concerns whether JWoww will ever open up and get more candid about her divorce on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. It's been hinted that her new boyfriend will appear on the series at some point, and as she mentioned, she did eventually make public statements when her divorce became public. Will the MTV series feature more commentary from JWoww, or is that all viewers will get?

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