Amazon's The Boys Had To Reject One Wild Sex Scene, But Not For The Reason You'd Guess

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(Image credit: amazon press)
(Image credit: amazon press)

For anyone who took the time to binge-watch Amazon's most recent comic book adaptation, The Boys, the experience was surely one of a kind by way of small-screen adventures. Hell, even just a single episode was a dramatic departure from traditional TV superhero fun. But while it might have looked like every sordid moment possible had happened during the eight-episode first season, some ideas had to be left on the cutting room floor.

Showrunner Eric Kripke, who also created the sli-i-i-ightly less graphic Supernatural, revealed a wild sex scene in particular that had to get dropped from the season, though not because the sex was deemed to be too extreme. Here's how Kripke described it:

An ice man having sex with a woman doggy-style when she’s wearing a fur coat. . . . It was rejected because it was logistically too difficult to mount on our budget.

After watching The Boys, one has to realistically wonder if Amazon would have cautiously pulled the plug on anything that Eric Kripke and his creative team put together. Note that this is a creative team that also boasts Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg as executive producers, so the envelope obviously got pushed pretty far along in the production process.

I wonder if anyone tried to have sex with that envelope.

In any case, the one thing that stood in the way of an ice man hero banging a fur-wearing woman on The Boys wasn't morals, a studio censor or a lack of willing participants. It was, hilariously enough, a money issue. So many of us live our lives unable to afford the luxury of filming a frozen Supe in the throes of passion, and some of us are all the better for it.

Eric Kripke, meanwhile, told EW that he's keeping it jotted down as a potential sex scene to introduced in The Boys Season 2, which is definitely a thing that's already in motion. Like, in the sense that Eric Kripke has already teased out the first image from the second season, which looks to be just as bloody and carnage-driven as the first.

Had The Boys managed to figure out a way to work in the sex scene between ice man and fur woman, it likely would have been seen by a ton of people. Amazon revealed last week that in its first two weeks of release, the anti-superhero action-comedy-drama's viewership numbers had already surpassed the expectations of the company's execs.

In that short amount of time, The Boys quickly became one of the most binge-watched shows in Amazon's library of originals, which also boasts hits like The Man in the High Castle and John Krasinski's Jack Ryan, which is already set for a third season. One can only imagine that more people have started watching in the meantime, also, since this show's word-of-mouth value has been higher than Hughie's blood pressure.

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To note, though, there definitely was a scene that was deemed too dark and fucked up for The Boys crew to move forward with. It had to do with masturbation and the wide open air above New York City, and it would have been super-cheap, too. Maybe next season?

For those who still haven't tuned in, or for anyone wanting to take a second (the) deep dive into this twisted universe, The Boys is currently available to stream in full on Amazon.

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