Empire Adds A Lethal Weapon Star For Final Season On Fox

Lethal Weapon had a fun but tumultuous run on Fox for three seasons, but it finally came to an end in the 2018-2019 TV season. The good news is that one of the most consistently funny and heartfelt members of the cast is sticking around on Fox, just moving over to Empire. Yes, Empire has a Lethal Weapon alum on board for its sixth and final season, and she won't just be a one-off guest star. Prepare to see plenty of Keesha Sharp on Empire!

Keesha Sharp, who played Trish Murtaugh on all three seasons of Lethal Weapon, will recur throughout the sixth season of Empire when it returns to Fox in September. She'll play a woman by the name of Paula Wick, who is a doctor described by Deadline as "smart" and "inciteful" known for offering "endless compassion." Despite all of her compassion, however, she "doesn't take shit" from anybody.

No details are currently available about what kind of doctor Keesha Sharp will play on Empire. The Lyon family has had no shortage of health problems over the years, with Andre's prognosis looming over the second half of Season 5, and Teri will undoubtedly want to keep a close watch on her pregnancy. Her work as a nurse would put her in contact with doctors as well.

Still, the description of Keesha Sharp's characters make me wonder if Dr. Paula Wick will actually be a psychiatrist of some sort. Cookie made a monumental decision at the end of Season 5 that should have a huge impact on both her and Lucious. Could one of them have sought counseling in the aftermath? Lucious probably needs it more, and not just because of Kingsley's death and his decision to go on the run. He did straight up beat a guy to death last season, after all! Of course, Cookie is probably more likely to reach out to a therapist, even if Lucious would probably benefit more.

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Whatever Dr. Paula Wick's speciality is, we can count on seeing a fair amount of her in the sixth and final season of Empire. Keesha Sharp may not appear in every episode, as the role is described as "recurring" rather than "regular," but she could be a major player in the show's final act. The show lost a key member of the cast due to the decision to cut Jussie Smollett following his arrest and all the surrounding scandal, so some fresh blood in the form of Sharp could be exactly what the show needs to come to a powerful conclusion.

Empire doesn't return to the airwaves until this fall, but you can see Keesha Sharp in action by rewatching (or watching!) the three seasons of Lethal Weapon streaming on Hulu now.

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