Titans Fans Are Loving Deathstroke's Season 2 Look

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The second season of Titans is fast-approaching, and it's set to introduce a brand new big bad in the form of Deathstroke. The first full trailer for Titans Season 2 revealed Deathstroke in all his villainous glory, but the shot was too dark to give a good look at his costume. Now, DC Universe has released a poster for the new season that shows the full suit, and fans are loving it.

First, check out the poster:

Titans cast Esai Morales of NCIS: Los Angeles and NYPD Blue to play Deathstroke in Season 2. Morales is a capable actor but not the most physically imposing, so there were questions about how well he'd be able to tackle such a legendary villain, especially when previous live-actions versions of Deathstroke were played by Manu Bennett and Joe Manganiello.

The poster reveals that Titans has gone with a somewhat sleeker version of Deathstroke in his armor, and I actually love it. Deathstroke doesn't need to be huge, hulked, and padded out with masses of armor to be menacing, and he looks like he could be faster and more deadly this way. He has everything he needs and no needless bells and whistles. Besides, this could be a different Deathstroke than DC Comics fans have seen time and time again.

The biggest surprise to me is still that red light where his right eye should be, which is a bit more Deadshot than Deathstroke to me. That said, I'm on board with the new Deathstroke, and I'm not the only one. Fans on social media have weighed in with mostly positive thoughts. For one, this Deathstroke already eclipses other Deathstrokes:

Sorry, Manu Bennett and Joe Manganiello, but Esai Morales' version is already winning for some over the Arrow and other versions of Deathstroke! That certainly bodes well for Titans Season 2.

Another person on Twitter was happy to see most of the Titans team of heroes, but gave a special mention to Deathstroke:

This person doesn't seem to have any complaints about the poster, with a special shout-out to Deathstroke!

Another Twitter user isn't the biggest fan of the red eye, but has high hopes for some serious villainy from the baddie on Titans:

If Titans follows the "Judas Contract" arc from DC Comics -- and it has indeed cast both Jericho and Ravager for Season 2 -- then I don't think we have to worry about Deathstroke not being brutal enough.

Somebody else has a "piping hot take" about the new Deathstroke vs. a previous Deathstroke:

You and me both, @patricjdennis! At the very least, Titans can't be accused of copying off of what the DC Cinematic Universe did with its Deathstroke, and the comparisons should give fans plenty to talk about. That said, a comparison to Arrow's Deathstroke may be more valuable. After all, Titans and Arrow are the two TV shows to deliver live-action versions of the character!

Yet another person on Twitter is a fan of the lighter armor on Esai Morales' Deathstroke:

Luckily, the wait for Titans Season 2 is almost over. The new season premieres Friday, September 6 at 9 a.m. ET on DC Universe. Titans returns shortly after Young Justice ends its third season, so superhero fans won't have to go too long without some new action on DC's streamer.

We can only speculate at this point if Young Justice really will bring back Wally West before the end of Season 3, but we can 100% count on Deathstroke in Titans Season 2. At this point, I'm just hoping Titans also introduces Nightwing in the second season. 20-something Dick Grayson can't be Boy Wonder forever!

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