Dancing With The Stars 2019 Our Pre-Premiere Guesses For How Each Celebrity Will Finish

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars James Van Der Beek Lamar Odom Hannah Brown Karamo Brown

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Dancing with the Stars is finally coming to the small screen in 2019, and ABC unveiled its lineup of stars and the professional dancers set to compete alongside them in Season 28. The announcement is still pending covering which celebs are paired with which pros, but things are about to get hyper-competitive in the ballroom. It's time for some pre-premiere guesses for how each celebrity will finish!

From The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown to two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom, Dancing with the Stars is bringing it it Season 28! Who will take home the much-coveted mirror ball trophy when the glitter and shimmer fade? Time to make some early pre-premiere predictions about how the dance contest is going to go down, all while learning who the new contestants will be.

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Sean Spicer ABC

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Sean Spicer

The former White House press secretary has been immortalized by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live. He made an unexpected appearance at the 2017 Emmy awards, and at one point, he was working to get his own talk show. Now, he is headed to Dancing with the Stars, and host Tom Bergeron has already weighed in, along with a lot of the Internet. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol had a surprising run. Could the Conservative-minded Spicer follow suit?

How Sean Spicer Will Finish: He will likely be voted off first, meaning he would finish in last place. Barring a miracle, he could surprise with a longer run, but older, non-athletic contestants rarely last that long.

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Kate Flannery ABC

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Kate Flannery

Familiar TV screen presence, Kate Flannery, memorably played the alcohol-loving Meredith in The Office. Obviously, Flannery’s dancing endurance will be better known after Dancing with the Stars’ premiere. There have been surprises in the past, such as it went on The Office, where Kate Flannery has proven her significant skills when it comes to physical comedy. Such hints of good body control could mean dance skills getting unearthed.

How Kate Flannery Will Finish: Eleventh or tenth place. She could go farther, though, if Steve Carrell's Michael Scott comes by to offer some encouragement.

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Mary Wilson ABC

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Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson is a founding member of the legendary Motown group The Supremes, and is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer to boot. As one of three musicians competing in Season 28, Wilson certainly has musicality on her side. She's been a well-loved and respected star for many decades, too, so viewer votes should be enough to power her through the early days of the competition. Like her fellow competitors, a lot will depend on her skill that first week.

How Mary Wilson Will Finish: Tenth place.

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Lauren Alaina ABC

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Lauren Alaina

Country music star Lauren Alaina will go from singing her own songs to dancing to others' hits. Having musical timing is a must on Dancing with the Stars, and Alaina should come equipped with that right out of the gate. The American Idol runner-up has developed a devoted fan following through the years, which should also help the voting process. It is going to come down to how fancy-footed she can get in the ballroom, though.

How Lauren Alaina Will Finish: Ninth place

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Lamar Odom ABC

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Lamar Odom

The two-time NBA champion and former Keeping Up with the Kardashians regular is on Dancing with the Stars’ starting lineup. Lamar Odom has overcome some significant health issues, not to mention other personal problems, to live to see the ballroom. Being healthy enough to compete is an accomplishment in and of itself, and Odom will likely have a very compelling story to share, along with the athletic determination to last in the competition.

How Lamar Odom Will Finish: Eighth, though he could go further, since long legs can be a huge help on the dance floor.

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Hannah Brown ABC

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Hannah Brown

As rumored, the most recent Bachelorette star will compete in Dancing with the Stars 2019, though Hannah Brown will not be doing so with Tyler C. [Cue potential Bachelor Nation disappointment.] Can Hannah dance, though? That will be the question the very vocal star of the highly-popular Bachelorette season will have to answer on live television. Viewer votes and a decent dance performance could take her far. Remember Melissa Rycroft?

How Hannah Brown Will Finish: Seventh place or so. Bachelor Nation contestants have done well, so she could go further, but only if she doesn't give a rose to some other contestant's pro dancer.

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Christie Brinkley ABC

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Christie Brinkley

The supermodel and National Lampoon’s Vacation icon Christie Brinkley is a high-profile star. Fan votes and creative choreography could see Brinkley go far in this competition, too. Dancing with the Stars’ audience tends to love seeing favorites take center stage. Plus, Brinkley played Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway, which is a career credit that possibly bodes well for her ability to move around a stage. She could be a surprise contender!

How Christie Brinkley Will Finish: Somewhere around the middle, like sixth place

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Ray Lewis ABC

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Ray Lewis

The NFL Hall of Famer could have a strong shot at the mirror ball trophy. NFL stars have a tradition of doing incredibly well on Dancing with the Stars, thanks to choreographed route-running and agility. The latest NFL star to win was Rashad Jennings in Season 24, which aired back in 2017, while three NFL stars have won overall in the series’ history. Could Ray Lewis be the fourth? Stay tuned.

How He Will Finish: Top 5. Maybe fifth place or slightly higher.

Karamo Brown

Queer Eye’s culture expert is coming to the ballroom to strut his stuff! Karamo Brown is one of the big stars of the beloved Netflix series, so you know he is going to be a fan-favorite. Brown already proved he can handle intricate choreography during the Queer Eye stars' hilarious appearance on Lip Sync Battle. He could make it well into Dancing with the Stars’ final batch of hopefuls.

How He Will Finish: No Fab Five here, because we're thinking Top Four!

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars James Van Der Beek ABC

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James Van Der Beek

Already well-known to viewers thanks to his storied run on Dawson’s Creek and other recent work such as Pose, James Van Der Beek could be a major DWTS contender. How well can he dance? The world is about to find out. If Dancing with the Stars is his first time out, he could possibly become the season's dark horse competitor, who improves week-to-week, making it to the finals.

How He Will Finish: In the Top 3, probably placing third.

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Kel Mitchell ABC

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Kel Mitchell

The All That fan-favorite Kel Mitchell will compete on Dancing with the Stars, and I cannot wait to see if his dancing is as good as...well, Good Burger! Mitchell is a highly-skilled and flexible entertainer, which should prove very useful on Dancing with the Stars. All told, Mitchell should be both a fan-favorite and a considerable competitor in the 2019 season. I hope Kenan Thompson will be around to cheer his close friend on for a special episode or two!

How He Will Finish: Top 3, though Kel MItchell could win it.

Good Morning America Dancing with the Stars Ally Brooke ABC

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Ally Brooke

As a pop star and Fifth Harmony member, Ally Brooke has dance skills to spare, so she should be one of the most highly competitive celebs out there. Brooke has a pre-existing fan-following from her years in the popular music group. Given how likely it is that she will wow Dancing with the Stars’ viewers, you can bet Brooke is a big contender for the mirror ball. Having dance skills can sometimes go either way on the show, with those who aren't able to adjust their skillsets, but it could take Brooke to the top.

How She Will Finish: Winner. It all depends on whether Ally Brooke will be punished by the judges and the audience for having previous dance experience, though. That issue has come up in the past, but if it's not a problem, she should at least be a finalist.

After a controversial Season 27, Dancing with the Stars skipped its spring installment. Ahead of the fall 2019 installment, ABC announced that there would be some changes in store. Long-time Dancing with the Stars co-host Tom Bergeron also hinted at the retooling with a “we hear you” message to fans.

It will be fun to see Dancing with the Stars back in action and with such a cast. A season of the ABC series is always eventful, so it should be exciting. Due to the unusual break between seasons, absence has certainly made the heart grow fonder. Who else is already anticipating Disney Night? Same!

Dancing with the Stars Season 28 premieres  on ABC on Monday, September 16, at 8 p.m. ET. The dance competition is among many other fall premieres, so be sure to note your favorites.

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