How The Ghost Hunters Reboot Compares To The Original, According To Grant Wilson

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15 years after first making its TV debut, and following a three-year hiatus, Ghost Hunters is returning to cable with a reboot that gets back to its roots. The new season brought back original cast member Grant Wilson, joined by a new team of investigators looking to strike at the the core of what Ghost Hunters set out to do long ago.

How will the new version shake things up as compared to the flagship years on Ghost Hunters? Grant Wilson recently took some time to explain how this new iteration will recapture the purpose of the original series, while also taking things a step further to bring something new to the table.

[Fans are] going to feel a sense of familiarity. I'm there, and all the standards and techniques are still being used, but we're taking it a step further. You saw on the original Ghost Hunters that we help people, but here you really see how that works. The goal of the original was, is it haunted or not? And the goal of this one is more of helping people. How do we use the information we get from these experiences to help the client and help the entities?

According to Grant Wilson, the goal of Ghost Hunters is to help the troubled people in each episode, as opposed to simply confirming whether supernatural spirits are around or not. The team will aim to tackle both issues by using all its tools available to determine whether or not a place is being haunted by spirits, and then if it is, they aim to the root of what the problem is.

As Wilson told, a key difference in this Ghost Hunters reboot compared to past iterations of the show and spinoffs is in the details. Wilson explained that while some shows are oh so quick to whip out the fancy gear, his team will go further and evaluate things on a level audiences may not have seen before (on reality television anyway). In his words:

People will see a black shadow or they'll hear an [electronic voice phenomenon] and they'll be like, "This is amazing," and stop. While we're listening to an EVP, we're hearing what it says, we're also trying to get the gender, the emotional state, nationality sometimes. So really digging for information to help the entity and help the client. And as far as the team goes, we've got a brand-new team and they're not new to the paranormal, they have a lot of experience. They have real-world knowledge. Like Daryl here, he's a contractor. Kristen is a therapist. So all that comes into play when you're helping people find out what's really going on in their house. And most importantly, everyone's really, really nice. Because ultimately the goal is to help people feel comfortable.

The aforementioned Daryl Marston and Kristen Luman will be assisting Grant Wilson in investigations on Ghost Hunters, as will Brandon Alvis, Mustafa Gatollari, Brian Murray, and Richel Stratt. Everyone in this crew is coming together to pursue cases emboldened by professional expertise, but also personal passions for the paranormal. Wilson mentioned his work in ghost hunting stemmed from his own paranormal experiences, and it was helped along through learning the stories of others as he searched for answers.

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The rebooted Ghost Hunters airs on A&E on Wednesdays nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend as the fall television season draws near for more updates on new television set to air over the coming weeks.

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