Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Ahsoka Looks Ready To Go In Disney+ Premiere Confirmation

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A whole lot of exciting Star Wars TV news released recently concerning the new shows, ranging from November's The Mandalorian to the far-flung Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Still, the D23 Expo 2019 made time to drop some interesting info about the upcoming revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Fans spent years hoping against hope that the show would return, and Disney+ turned out to be the answer. The Disney+ showcase confirmed an important detail about the Clone Wars revival premiere and showed an Ashoka who looks seriously ready to go. Take a look!

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The revival of The Clone Wars will officially premiere in February 2020. When news of the Clone Wars' return broke, it was revealed that 12 episodes were in store. Fans shouldn't take this order for another batch of episodes to mean that The Clone Wars will be back as an ongoing series, though.

The goal of the new episodes is to provide an epic conclusion to the story that was cut short when Clone Wars was unceremoniously cancelled in 2013. These installments will bring the characters and their stories up to Order 66 and Revenge of the Sith. So, probably prepare for some heartbreak, although Star Wars Rebels at least guarantees that Ahsoka won't have to learn about Anakin's betrayal until much later.

And at least we know Ahsoka and Captain Rex survive! And Maul, but that's less of a cause for celebration, even if his return in Rebels was pretty great. Interestingly, the image used on Twitter to promote the February premiere shows Ahsoka facing off against Maul, both of her new white lightsabers ignited. Seriously, if I didn't already know that Maul was destined for another fate from another lightsaber, I might have thought that Ahsoka was ready to cut him down.

The Clone Wars executive producer Dave Filoni revealed to CinemaBlend that The Clone Wars was originally imagined quite differently, more along the lines of what Rebels became. The new episodes of The Clone Wars will actually be different because of Rebels. My fingers are still crossed at this point that a pre-Kanan Caleb Dume appears in Clone Wars when it tackles Order 66. He was after all shaped by Order 66, and he was a huge part of Rebels.

The February premiere date pretty much guarantees that The Clone Wars will be the second Star Wars series to premiere on Disney+, and the first animated. The Mandalorian will launch with Disney+ on November 12 as the very first live-action series in the franchise. That show won't include the most famous character to wear Mandalorian armor, but the trailer proves that viewers will be in for an intense ride that should definitely tide us over until Clone Wars.

Check out Disney+ when it launches in November, and be sure to swing by our fall TV premiere schedule for some non-Disney options.

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