NCIS Will Bring Ziva Back Quite A Few Times In Season 17

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NCIS proved that it can still deliver a killer cliffhanger after more than a decade and a half when the Season 16 finale ended on the entrance of a very much alive Ziva David walking down into Gibbs' basement with a warning. Ziva, who had long been thought dead and played an actress who seemed unlikely to return, was back in the flesh, and poised to return for a Ziva-tastic Season 17 premiere. Still, there was no confirmation that we'd get more of Ziva than the premiere... until now.

CBS confirmed to CinemaBlend that Cote de Pablo will reprise her role as Ziva for the first and second episodes of Season 17, as well as two more episodes that will air in late fall/early winter. At least it's probably safe to say that Ziva won't be killed off in her first full episode back!

Considering how many questions there are about Ziva and the last few years of her life, fans should be relieved to know that her story won't be opened and shut again in the span of just the Season 17 premiere. NCIS co-showrunner Frank Cardea has revealed what whether and when Gibbs found out Ziva was alive will be covered in the premiere; what of everything else?

There are more questions than answers when it comes to Ziva at the moment, both regarding the immediate circumstances that brought her out of hiding to warn Gibbs and what led to her faked death. NCIS spent Season 16 slowly dropping clues that Ziva was alive and in the mix behind-the-scenes, and photos posted by star Wilmer Valderrama indicate that Ziva won't exactly be lurking in the shadows once she returns.

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If she is a semi-public figure again, does that mean the biggest threats against her and Gibbs' lives will be taken care of sooner rather than later? What was so serious that Ziva was willing to give up her life with her daughter, when there was no guarantee of what Tali's life would be without her?

Sure, Ziva could have guessed that Tony would rise to the occasion and do whatever necessary to protect Tali, even if he technically didn't know Tali existed until Ziva was "killed" in Israel, but that was a big decision that she couldn't have made lightly. Or was it out of her hands?

Speaking of Tony and Tali, will Ziva officially returning to the world of the living mean a reunion with Tony and another chance for a Tiva happily-ever-after? Michael Weatherly, who will presumably be too busy with Bull since it was renewed despite the allegations against him to appear in any kind of ongoing or recurring basis, has nevertheless seemingly been hinting at a Tiva reunion.

Even if NCIS can't get Michael Weatherly back, I have to believe that Tony and Ziva will reunite off-screen. Love him or hate him, Tony does deserve some answers from the mother of his surprise daughter who was supposed to be dead. NCIS will start out strong on the Ziva front, with Cote de Pablo present in the first two episodes of the season. Only time will tell when the second two will air and if they turn out to be more than just two.

NCIS returns for Season 17 on CBS next month, along with a whole bunch of other series in the 2019 fall TV premiere lineup.

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