Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: John Paul Jones Is ‘A Dark Cloud’ On The Big Wedding

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Spoilers ahead through the August 26 episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

The crop of guys on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 has delivered a lot of drama, ranging from pre-Paradise hookups with multiple of the women to to an all-out beach brawl. For most of the season to this point, John Paul Jones has felt reasonably free of drama, and even kind of sweet after he attempted to quote a Shakespeare tragedy at Tayshia Adams. Unfortunately, after accepting two dates from newcomers only to come to the realization that he wanted Tayshia, who had moved on to Derek Peth, JPJ is primed to ruin a special occasion: a Bachelor in Paradise wedding.

The next episode will see Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 couple Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson tie the knot, and the event will bring out all kinds of Bachelor franchise alums, including Becca Kufrin. It should have been a happy -- if kind of weird, considering how many of these people have swapped spit over the years -- occasion, but the bride and groom revealed after the fact that John Paul Jones was a "dark cloud" over the wedding. They had a lot to say, so let's start with the "dark cloud" comment:

Krystal: We had heard through our family and friends that there was a dark cloud that was kind of going over... And that dark cloud was John Paul Jones.Chris: That dark cloud was John Paul Jones. For one, definitely not a fan of him. Did not know him.

First of all, can we just all acknowledge how bizarre it must be to not know somebody at your own wedding who isn't just a +1 that you never met? This was one of the biggest days of their lives, and Krystal and Chris didn't know everybody on the guest list. I assume they didn't know a lot of the Bachelor in Paradise cast members who will attend their wedding, but only JPJ left such a bad taste in their mouths. Something tells me he lost his shot at starring in a future season of The Bachelor!

If I'd learned this before the August 26 episode, I would have had a hard time believing it. But after watching JPJ's expression fall when he realized that Tayshia hadn't just sat around pining for him while he went off on dates with other women, and seeing the trailer that had him yelling at Derek who hasn't done anything so far other than reciprocate Tayshia's interest, I can believe it. He seemed like the golden retriever equivalent of the Bachelor in Paradise guys. Now, not so much.

Krystal had apparently heard that John Paul Jones was seemingly very likable. She shared her surprise at his outburst, saying this:

I want to say this, though. I had heard, he seemed super likable. So it was really unexpected that, you know, you're nervous that there's going to be that one guest that causes drama and brings heat, and you're like, 'This is not your moment, dude. Step back.' And he was that guy. And it was really difficult when we were at the wedding reception and we're trying to enjoy ourselves, that all our friends and family and all the cast and everyone's talking about, he confronts Derek. Very aggressively. It caused a huge ripple at the wedding, and you could just feel that energy. You're gonna see that play out. There's also an element of, I do want to say to John Paul Jones, though, that we were people who got passionate in the moment, and so we've definitely gone through that journey. But there's a time and a place. And I hope that he's learned his lesson.

A guest "very aggressively" confronting another guest has to be the nightmare of every bride (and groom). As Krystal said, there's a time and a place for confrontation, and a wedding reception that is also going to be broadcast on national television is definitely not the place. Save it for the beach, JPJ! I like to think that even Jordan Kimball wouldn't have tried to tear down anybody's piñata if he was at their wedding.

All things considered, Krystal was pretty civil in her comments about JPJ at her wedding. She acknowledged that passion can impact behavior, but she was firm that his behavior was inappropriate. She couldn't say if he learned his lesson, but viewers presumably will find out if they continue watching beyond the wedding episode.

So, how did Chris feeling about John Paul Jones misbehaving at his wedding? He went on in the conversation with Access Hollywood to say this:

It's just a complete lack of awareness, with friends and family there. And it being, not our day, but also her day. This is her moment. To take away from that is completely selfish and the way that he attacked Derek is completely unacceptable because there's nothing that would lead you to believe why that conversation would even happen. And so it leaves you in a state of confusion, of wondering where John Paul Jones even comes up with these assumptions or these fabrications that he's created in his head. And it's a really big blow to Derek as well because Derek had just endured a rough situation with Demi. You're combining all these things with someone who kind of is stealing the show, per se, because of being an aggressive narcissistic, which is how it looks. So it's just very distasteful knowing that that was our special moment and to see our friends and family, especially my mom because it happened right in front of her, it didn't leave me with the best image or idea of who John Paul Jones is. He owes my wife an apology.

Come on, John Paul Jones! It's not enough that he got aggressive at a wedding of two people he didn't even know, but he got aggressive in front of the groom's mom?! At this point, I hope that Tayshia washes her hands completely of John Paul Jones, even if it turns out that Derek isn't the one for her.

Then again, this is a show that had Blake hooking up with multiple of the women in Paradise, two dudes fighting over a piñata, Blake and Kristina trading friendship roses back and forth, and a woman asking for guacamole after a doctor was called to treat her severe dehydration, so who knows? Maybe reconciliation is in store for JPJ and Tayshia. I hope not, though. She and Derek are pretty cute together, and recent spoilers about The Bachelor suggest that it's possible. Derek could use a break after what happened with Demi.

Find out what happens to JPJ, Derek, Tayshia, and the rest in new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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