Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Is Kristina Already Sabotaging Blake In Season 6?

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 6 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise on ABC.

Another season of Bachelor in Paradise has begun! Before the contestants even arrived in Paradise, we got Cam Ayala rapping about getting engaged, Jane Aver brushing her teeth with hot sauce, and Tayshia Adams' dad asking her to wear turtlenecks on the show. The real drama started once the singles starting mingling on the beach, though, and most of it seems to surround Blake Horstmann. While he first seemed like the guy all the ladies wanted, Kristina Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes may guarantee that he becomes much less of a favorite.

Let's start at the beginning. Blake undoubtedly had plenty of fans watching from home as well as the ladies in Paradise heading into this season. Although 2018 Bachelorette Becca Kufrin had fewer guys in it for the wrong reasons than Hannah Brown did, her final two came down to Blake and Garrett Yrogyen, whose offensive social media activity caught attention while the season was airing. Naturally, a lot of folks were pulling for Blake to win, and sided with him when Becca went with Garrett. Is it really surprising that a lot of ladies went to Paradise to try and catch his eye?

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Well, the illusions of his dreaminess were shattered halfway through the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 premiere when Caelynn dropped some truth bombs about her past with Blake, why she wasn't looking forward to sharing a season with him, and why he all but panicked when she walked onto the beach and he realized she was part of the pool of contestants. After hinting to Chris Harrison and the cameras that she'd hooked up with Blake and it didn't end well, Caelynn started spilling the details to the BIP bartender.

According to Caelynn, a whole bunch of Bachelor franchise veterans were present at the 2019 Stagecoach music festival, and she connected with Blake there. They slept together, and Caelynn was under the impression they could have a future together, perhaps even skipping Bachelor in Paradise to give their relationship a shot.

Blake pretty definitively showed his true colors that he wasn't looking for the same thing. Caelynn stated that, while they were still in bed together, Blake started DMing Hannah Godwin and talking about "how hot" Tayshia is. She later found out that Blake had hooked up with Kristina the night before hooking up with her, and Blake said hooking up with Caelynn was "a mistake."

As if that's not enough, Caelynn went on to say that Blake asked her to lie and not tell that they'd been in a relationship before Bachelor in Paradise. She was visibly uncomfortable and upset with Blake's behavior and presence in Paradise, and she was clearly bothered when he received the first date card and asked an overjoyed Tayshia to join him. Caelynn continued confiding in others, and she came to the conclusion that she should share what she knows for the good of them all.

If that was all the Blake drama of the episode, then I'd think that Caelynn stood the best chance of sabotaging Blake on Bachelor in Paradise. It was the arrival of Kristina -- who knew that Blake slept with Caelynn the day after sleeping with her -- in the second half of the premiere that could mark Blake's downfall.

Kristina arrived after the rest of the group had already been in the mix for a full day, so Blake and Tayshia were back from getting hot and heavy at their date. Blake wasn't any happier to see Kristina than he had been to see Caelynn. Kristina got a date card, and Caelynn was appalled when Kristina used it to ask Blake out. He agreed, and it seemed like Kristina was cool with what he'd done with Caelynn if it meant continuing to hook up. Ah, romance?

Not so much! Kristina wasn't mad at Caelynn for sleeping with Blake, nor was she just cool with it despite being all smiles to Blake. Later, when it was just Kristina talking to the camera, she confessed her real plan: to make Blake her "bitch." Something tells me Caelynn wouldn't object, even if she's going about handling her past with Blake in a very different way on Paradise!

So, with Kristina seemingly attempting to sabotage him into becoming her bitch on the date and Caelynn potentially making trouble for him back on the beach, is Blake doomed to definitely not finding love on Bachelor in Paradise? Well, let's take a look at what's rumored to come.

Spoilers ahead for the rest of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6. According to a generally reliable source of Bachelor franchise spoilers, Blake gives his first rose to Tayshia, but comes out and tells Tayshia and Caelynn that his real goal is Hannah G., who was previously upset that he didn't ask her out with his date card. Spoilers suggest that Tayshia, Hannah, and Caelynn all move on to other partners in Paradise, but he and Kristina keep trading roses. That doesn't sound like Kristina has made Blake her "bitch," but we're missing a lot of context and confirmation here.

Notably, spoilers also suggest that just two weeks before arriving for Bachelor in Paradise, Blake went to Birmingham to spend the weekend with Hannah because "they were interested in each other." The promo for the next episode, however, shows Hannah making out with guys galore. So what's really happening? Is Blake out-Deaning Dean? End spoilers.

The Bachelor in Paradise drama continues with the second half of the Season 6 premiere on Tuesday, August 6 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Demi Burnett described the season as a "good old-fashioned dumpster fire," and not everybody is going to go home from Paradise in a new committed relationship. Still, it could definitely impact whoever lands the position as the next Bachelor. If Tyler Cameron is happy with some of his post-Bachelorette activities, he may not want to be the next leading man of The Bachelor!

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