Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Pauly D And Vinny Were Shocked By The Situation's Prison Life

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Read at your own risk!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation has been rolling on with Season 3 without Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino for the most part. The castmember hasn't been on camera since he was taken to prison, but did recently make a brief appearance during a phone call with wife Lauren Sorrentino. That doesn't mean his friends have left him high and dry, however, as Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino both went to prison to visit their friend.

Unfortunately, the prison's rules stated that Jersey Shore Family Vacation was not allowed to have cameras inside the facility during Pauly D and Vinny's visit. While the cameras waited outside, the duo snapped some pictures with their friend, and met back up with the MTV crew once they were finished. On the drive home, both were shocked about how prison life was for Sitch but in the best way possible. Pauly D talked about what Sitch has going on in the inside, and it didn't sound half bad.

He was so calm, so relaxed. Somebody does his laundry in there! He gets a haircut twice a week. He works out every day for two hours. He eats what he wants!

It's probably still not a glamorous life, but obviously Pauly D and Vinny were expecting to walk in on The Situation in much bleaker conditions. Fortunately, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star isn't living a reality straight out of HBO's Oz or anything, and seems to be doing the best he can to stay busy and make the most of his time behind bars. Especially with those two-hour workouts, he's going to be back to prime Situation form when he's out!

While things weren't as bad for The Situation as Pauly D and Vinny would've thought, the two still got the sense that it's not an extended vacation behind bars. Vinny was the one to speak up about Situation's one sadness of this experience, and as Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans may expect, it was not being able to see the love of his life.

It seemed like the only thing that he wanted was to go home to Lauren, and be home. Like that’s it that’s all that’s bothering him.

That's going to be hard no matter how one cuts it, especially when the couple didn't have much time to celebrate being newlyweds before Situation turned himself in. Luckily, Situation's sentence is supposed to be served in full in the coming weeks, so it shouldn't be too much longer until the two are reunited once again. So what's next for the couple after that? According to The Situation in his phone call, they're gonna have a lot of babies!

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