Jersey Shore Family Vacation: JWoww And Snooki Explain The Truth Behind Ex-Husband Roger's Arrest

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Read at your own risk!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation took a big jump forward in its latest episode, and moved from the happy times to some really heavy stuff. We finally went past the remainder of publicized Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro throwdowns, and also dove into the major drama in JWoww's divorce to now ex-husband Roger Matthews. As fans had learned already, not all Matthews publicized on his social media was the straight truth, and that includes the details behind his arrest.

That's what Snooki and JWoww are saying, anyway, as the two revealed that JWoww did not have Roger Matthews arrested and removed from their house. Snooki laid out why Roger was in the house, and what it was that eventually led to JWoww calling the police to help him leave.

Little does anybody know that Jenni let Roger stay in the house after she filed for divorce so he could still be with the kids. But he would start fights in front of the children. So finally, enough is enough, she called the cops and said ‘you got to get out’ but she never said he couldn’t see his kids.

These are the concrete details Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans would've loved to have in place of the press release her camp released at the time, but given JWoww's other statements during the episode, her lack of details made sense. To that point, her silence on her divorce both in headlines and on the show was to keep their children from seeing or reading things posted in the news later on down the line.

To her, Roger cutting loose on social media and the things he aired out to the public was unforgivable, and the fights in front of the children were the final straw. JWoww asked Roger to leave the house, and when he refused to do so, she called the cops to ensure that he left. Contrary to Roger's statements on social media and his video from the back of a cop car, he was not arrested.

All I said was I want a cooling off period, I don’t want him in my face. People think that I had him arrested, not even the case...they were being nice and giving him a ride!

Given Roger's video (which was featured on social media and Jersey Shore Family Vacation) it does make sense in hindsight that he wasn't actually arrested. Few cops would allow someone to use their cellphone in the back of the squad car, and he wasn't in handcuffs. Props to Snooki and JWoww for spilling the tea on this one, and in the process proving wrong Roger's prior accusation the two aren't actually real friends.

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