Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 Will Explore One Star's Troubled Family Past

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 still doesn't have an official release date yet, but we're slowly learning more about what the season will contain as the months drag on. We know The Situation's wedding is on the docket, and that Ronnie went to rehab, and now it's been revealed we'll learn a lot more about the troubled childhood of one star: Angelina.

Angelina Pivarnick recently talked about how many people witin her family won't be attending her upcoming wedding to Chris Larangeira, and she intends to go public with the reasons why in Season 3.

I don’t have a family really. I have my sister, my uncle, and that’s it. I don’t talk to my mother, I don’t talk to my father. That’s another reason why I have deep-seeded (sic) issues from my childhood that nobody knows about. . . . I hope that this new season I can open up more about that.

Angelina's troubled childhood and other family issues were teased in Season 2, when the star shared a bit about her past with her co-stars and cameras. The little bit she revealed was upsetting already, as Pivarnick shared that her father once told her the only reason she was born was so he could get a lessened jail sentence. If there's even more than that hurtful admission, then expect to pull out some tissues on Angelina's behalf in Season 3.

Angelina further teased that there are specifics at play that will play into what she wants to tell share with cast members and viewers. Here's how she put it to Life & Style.

Planning my wedding and stuff, there’s going to be reasons why people weren’t there. Nobody knows about why they’re not going to be at my wedding, but now I want to tell people why.

On a lighter note, Jersey Shore Family Vacation viewers may also get to see some happier moments from Angelina Pivarnick's life, with boyfriend Chris Larangeira popping THE question to the sometimes controversial reality star back in January. No date has been announced for their wedding, although it's possible we could see both the proposal and the wedding on Jersey Shore Family Vacation sometime down the stretch. As mentioned, some family will be missing, but her Shore friends can always fill any gaps necessary!

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Luckily, it seems like all the beef between Angelina and the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation family has been buried in the past. Granted, there's been some hiccups in mending that bridge in these first two revival seasons, but with her slowly coming around more often, it appears everyone is more or less used to her status quo and now accepts her for it. She may never hit Sammi Sweetheart levels of beloved-ness within the group, but she's doing better.

Fans of Jersey's finest will have something to watch soon enough, however, as Vinnie and Pauly D's new dating show is set to kick off in April. Check out the first trailer, and read up on the controversial new person who may be along for the ride in Season 3.

We're still waiting to hear about an official release date, although Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is expected to arrive on MTV sometime this summer.

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