Kaley Cuoco's New TV Show The Flight Attendant Makes Her Appreciate Not Having That Job

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Kaley Cuoco’s new TV show, The Flight Attendant, has given the actress a new appreciation for not having to do her character’s job. Cuoco will be playing a flight attendant in the upcoming thriller. As you can tell from the show’s title, the career of Cuoco’s character plays an integral role in the series.

The beauty of being an actress? You get to experiment with playing people who have different careers. Because of that, Kaley Cuoco gets to pretend to be a flight attendant without having to be one. Cuoco gave her perspective on the hard part of the high-flying job and how she would handle it, telling Pure Wow:

I don’t know how flight attendants do it—I would be internally annoyed the entire time. They’ve got a lot of patience.

Yes, they do! I wonder what it is that Kaley Cuoco feels would try her patience. Is it the passengers? That part of being a flight attendant has to be demanding. Plus, you are in this cramped space for hours and hours a week. There is a lot to it.

Kaley Cuoco’s character in The Flight Attendant will have to deal with a lot of issues that many flight attendants do not. In the adaptation of Chris Bohjalian’s novel of the same name, Cuoco will play Cassandra Bowden, aka “the flight attendant.” During a layover, Cassandra wakes up in a Dubai hotel room with a hangover and next to a dead body.

Instead of going to the authorities immediately, Kaley Cuoco’s Cassandra decides to get on a flight bound for New York. When she lands, the FBI is waiting, and they have questions. Eventually, Cassandra begins to wonder if she is the killer. Is it her? Inquiring minds will undoubtedly want to know what, exactly, happened.

The Flight Attendant is giving Kaley Cuoco a chance to contemplate the career. On the, soon-to-be-former, CBS series The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco’s Penny had several jobs. She was a waitress, an actress, and a salesperson at a pharmaceutical company. Having to portray Penny while she tried to hold down her position as an actress obviously provided a familiar territory.

After starring in The Big Bang Theory for twelve seasons as Penny, Kaley Cuoco is getting to spread her wings. The actress has remained busy after the sitcom came to an end back in May. She previously revealed that she'd be taking on this on-screen time as a flight attendant, and was excited about the work she'd already put into the project.

Kaley Cuoco does not only have the flight attendant thriller coming up. She also has DC Universe’s, Harley Quinn. Cuoco has teased that the show is a “tad R-rated” and would be considered "the hottest thing" for The Big Bang Theory’s characters. Are you ready for that and the HBO Max series to take flight?

A release date for Kaley Cuoco’s The Flight Attendant has not been set yet. When it premieres, it will air on the friendly skies of HBO Max. While waiting for the series’ takeoff, check out with this fall’s premieres.

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