Carrie Underwood Is Down For An American Idol Reunion, On One Condition

Carrie Underwood Cry Pretty music video screenshot

It’s weird to think about an American Idol reunion given the show is still up and running on ABC. Yet, Kelly Clarkson is doing just that for her new daytime talk show, bringing the original American Idol judges panel featuring Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson back together. Given that reunion, other Idol alum Carrie Underwood was recently asked whether or not she’d do her own American Idol reunion.

Carrie Underwood reflected on how crazy it was to see Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson back together, before revealing there is one way she would make an American Idol return. She said:

An Idol reunion? I see all of those judges. I've never seen them together since I was on the show but that's pretty incredible. As long as they don't judge me. I'm down if nobody critiques anything.

We’ve heard of celebrities making pretty crazy dressing room requests and backstage demands before appearances, but honestly, this seems like a pretty reasonable request for Carrie Underwood when she spoke with ET at a Sirius XM event. It’s something Kelly Clarkson may want to take to heart as well if she should have a reunion of sorts in mind!

While Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood didn’t appear on American Idol together, when you think about the seasons and seasons of American Idol’s prominent contestants and winners, it’s likely a few names will jump out. Clarkson. Jennifer Hudson. Chris Daughtry. Adam Lambert. Of course, Carrie Underwood, the country phenom who has sold more albums and made more cash money than any of the other contestants across Fox and ABC’s seasons.

Getting Carrie Underwood to get involved with any sort of American Idol reunion would be a big get. For example, the episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show in question will also feature Justin Guarini, which is a name that really takes me back. But while Justin Guarini is still working in music, he doesn't have quite the fame factor Carrie Underwood does.

Simon Cowell recently talked about taping the big reunion on Kelly Clarkson’s show, noting to Extra:

You gotta remember, it doesn’t feel like all those years ago. You know, we did the final, so suddenly I’m sitting on her talk show being interviewed by her. But she was brilliant!

So, it sounds like Idol reunions are a little bit strange feeing for anyone involved, whether they are being judged or not. Of course, right now Carrie Underwood is in the middle of her Cry Pretty Tour 360, so she doesn't have time to a slew of appearances, although she is planning to host this year’s CMA’s event. It’s also worth noting she’s popped up on American Idol a few times since winning the whole shebang back in 2005 and is clearly still very thankful for her time on the show.

American Idol looks very different these days. The show is heading into Season 18 and airs on ABC rather than Fox. The judges panel is comprised of Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry. The biggest touchstone from the original series is the fact that Ryan Seacrest is still around. Still, despite the changes, some sort of reunion with Carrie Underwood could be pretty sweet.

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