Billie Lourd Just Joined Will & Grace In The Perfect Role

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Billie Lourd has just joined Will & Grace in the perfect role! The actress, who can currently be seen starring in American Horror Story: 1984 on FX is about to trade in horror for comedy, and in a heartwarming part. Carrie Fisher’s daughter and Debbie Reynolds’ granddaughter will guest star in the final season of the Will & Grace revival. Who is Lourd playing? A role that is pretty much tailor-made to fit her.

Billie Lourd has signed on to play Fiona Adler, per Deadline. Fiona is Grace’s niece through her older sister, Janet (recently played by Mary McCormack). As Janet’s daughter, Fiona is also the granddaughter of Bobbie Adler. As fans will remember, the role of Bobbie Adler was played by Lourd’s real-life grandmother, Debbie Reynolds.

All of this sets the stage for a real-life connection to the series’ fictional universe. Could you have asked for a more sentimental and sweet casting choice? I do not think so. It is just the latest touching tribute that Will & Grace has produced for the late Debbie Reynolds. After the acting legend passed away in late 2016, Will & Grace devoted an emotional episode to Grace’s mom.

Billie Lourd’s episode is set to be filmed on September 25. Fans will have a while to wait before seeing it as the final season will not begin airing until the 2019/2020 midseason. It should be well worth the patience. Now that fans know Fiona is coming onto the show, there is one big question. What brings Fiona onto Will & Grace?

Fiona reportedly arrives in search of catching up with her “cool aunt.” It sounds like there could be some bonding in store for Grace and her niece. This will be nice development, as the Will & Grace revival announced it would be heading into its final season. That's still a bit of surprising news, though, considering it personally felt like it only started yesterday. But, I digress.

The cast has explained why the show is ending. So, considering the thought that went into making that decision, you can bet Will & Grace has been just as thoughtful in crafting the storyline for Billie Lourd’s Fiona. It should give Grace a chance to reminisce about her mother, Bobbie. While also providing the opportunity for her to regale viewers with some past tales as well.

Debbie Reynolds played Grace’s mom for 12 episodes during the series’ original run. Those familiar with the real-life situation will recall that Billie Lourd tragically lost her mother and her grandmother within a day of each other.

Along with starring on Will & Grace, Billie Lourd has another real to reel life connection to her family set to happen in the coming months. Lourd will share scenes with her late mom in the upcoming Stars Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker. An air date for Lourd’s Will & Grace episode has yet to be set.

Will & Grace will return during the midseason of 2019/2020 on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC. You can enjoy this fall’s premieres while you await its return.

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