Legends Of Tomorrow’s Sara Lance Wants To Skin Gary Alive In Exclusive Season 4 Deleted Scene

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Legends of Tomorrow is undeniably the most bonkers and unpredictable show in the Arrow-verse, which for many has also made it the most fun show in the Arrow-verse. Starring an ensemble of heroes, some are plucked from Arrow and The Flash while others are discovered along the Legends' travels through time. That said, life as a Legend isn't all wearing period costumes and hanging out with misfit buddies, and Season 4 saw them facing threats they could have only imagined before. Those threats could be pretty stressful.

The fourth season kicked off with an episode wonderfully titled "The Virgin Gary," which involved a trip back to Woodstock, a killer unicorn, the loss of a nipple for Gary (which would bizarrely be a plot point later in the season), and the recruitment of John Constantine.

You can soon rewatch "The Virgin Gary" and the rest of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 with the September 24 release on Blu-ray and DVD, but we have an early exclusive deleted scene from the Season 4 premiere that features Sara threatening to skin Gary alive. Take a look!

Oh, Gary, Gary, Gary. Don't you know not to mess with Sara while she's on a mission, especially if Ava is involved? If anybody on the Waverider could skin somebody alive, it would be Sara. That said, her League of Assassins days are long gone, and she would certainly never use her skills on somebody like Gary. Fortunately, in the Season 4 premiere, Gary didn't know Sara well enough not to fear threats like being skinned alive!

Sara certainly is on a mission in the deleted scene, as she and the Legends needed Constantine's help to deal with their latest batch of problems, which Constantine himself had more or less dumped on their laps (along with a dragon head) at the end of the previous season. Not exactly a team player, Constantine would resist officially signing on with the Legends for some time, but he eventually became part of the group. Not soon enough to save Gary's nipple in "The Virgin Gary," though!

One of the biggest shockers of Season 4 came with the reveal that Gary was more attached to his nipple than he seemed, and Legends of Tomorrow delivered arguably the weirdest plot twist in the history of the Arrow-verse. Arrow and The Flash certainly never gave somebody a magical nipple!

If Sara had skinned Gary alive, she might have spared them all some trouble later on, although Gary's villainous turn didn't last too long, and he'll be an ally to the Legends moving forward. He was made an official member of the team by the end of Season 4. Yay Gary! Way to not be skinned alive!

You can relive Sara and Gary's journeys in Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment beginning Tuesday, September 24. Along with this deleted scene, you can find the Best of DC TV's Comic-Con Panel San Diego from 2018, DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Legendary Storytelling, a gag reel, and more deleted scenes. Season 4 will be the last with Brandon Routh and one more as series regulars.

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Rewatching should come in handy, as Legends of Tomorrow is the only one of the five Arrow-verse series that won't debut in the next month. Legends is being held until midseason, but fortunately, that doesn't mean the Legends themselves will be absent from the "Crisis on Infinite Earths," which will also feature plenty of alums from previous DC projects, including two from Smallville reprising their roles!

To keep track of what's going on in the Arrow-verse leading up to "Crisis" and the return of Legends of Tomorrow, be sure to check out our fall TV schedule for everything you need to know about the returns of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and the premiere of Batwoman.

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