How Legends Of Tomorrow Used Gary's Nipple To Do A Lot Of Damage

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Spoilers lie ahead for the fourteenth episode of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, called "Nip/Stuck."

In case there was any doubt that Legends of Tomorrow is the most bonkers superhero show on network television (now that Gotham is done, anyway), then "Nip/Stuck" using Gary's nipple to do a lot of damage should have laid those doubts to rest. Gary losing a nipple back in the Season 4 premiere seemed like a one-off twist played for laughs, but the loss came back with a vengeance due to the demon Neron, and his actions last week proved that restoring the nipple came with with powers.

Yes, Gary got his nipple back, and it gave him powers. Oh, Legends of Tomorrow. Never change.

Gary was back at the Time Bureau in "Nip/Stuck," where nobody was the wiser that he made a deal with Neron to help the demon in exchange for having his nipple returned to him. Gary confronted Ava when they were alone in her office together, and although it wasn't immediately clear what happened, Ava came out and announced that Gary would conduct one-on-one peer reviews. Why? Well, according to Ava, "Gary Green is all the man we need."

Mona and Nora seemed like they would be able to figure out what had happened, but more and more people came out of their peer reviews parroting Ava's statement that "Gary Green is all the man we need." Gary even got his hands on Nora, and together Nora and Ava dragged Mona in front of Gary, which resulted in arguably the weirdest scene in the series to date, and this is a series that had a giant Beebo save the day in Season 3.

Gary unbuttoned his shirt to show off the restored nipple, which was returned to him from Hell after making the deal with Neron. It wasn't just a plain old human body part, though. The nipple was a bright blue eye. Yes, really.

He was using his nipple-eye to hypnotize -- or "nipnotize" -- the Time Bureau agents into following his will. Fortunately, Mona's wolf side is something he didn't account for. It allowed her to fight back in her wolf form, and she viciously ripped the nipple-eye off of his chest.

Ray-Neron turned up in the nick of time with Gary, having rescued Tabitha (who was actually the Fairy Godmother) from Hell. Tabitha de-wolfed Mona, and the bad guys escaped to menace another day. The good news for the good guys is that Ava and Nora snapped out of their nip-nosis; the bad news is that Constantine won't be around to help them battle Neron.

Ray-Neron spent most of the episode with Constantine, trying to convince him to open a portal to Hell so he could yank Tabitha out. Tabitha did emerge from Hell, but Constantine jumped through the portal, determined to save Ray and Desmond and everybody else he could.

Well, at least the Legends now have another source of magic in their midst thanks to Nora joining the Time Bureau! Constantine said that he would see the rest of the team at the end, so he may not be back until the finale.

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Next week's episode will see Sara and Ava joining forces to try and take back the Time Bureau, while Zari and Charlie have to figure out what Neron is planning. Constantine will discover that he'll have to decide who he saves from Hell, which can't be fun. Based on a promo image, it could be the episode the finally sees the Legends switching superhero costumes:

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Tune in to The CW on Monday, 8 p.m. ET for the next new episode of Legends of Tomorrow. It will air right before the Arrow Season 7 finale that will be Emily Bett Rickards' final as a series regular, so hopefully Legends delivers some fun before the emotional gut-punch probably coming at 9 p.m. ET.

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