Outlander Season 5: The Frasers Prepare For War And Heartbreak In New Footage

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(Image credit: Starz)
(Image credit: Starz)

Outlander is currently in the middle of another Droughtlander, with the long hiatus between the fourth and fifth season still months away from coming to an end. Fortunately, Starz has officially released new footage of what's in store in Season 5, and it's enough to promise fans that more of what they've come to love from Outlander is on the way.

So, while we wait for the February 16, 2020 premiere date -- a.k.a. well after many other high-profile shows return to the airwaves -- check out the brand new footage and prepare to start speculating about what it could mean as the Frasers head for war and heartbreak in 18th century Colonial America. Take a look!

Well, it wouldn't be Outlander without gorgeous scenery, guns firing, screaming, danger, and time travel conundrums while the Frasers just want to keep their family together. The coming of the American Revolution combined with the expectation of Jamie to hunt down his beloved godfather probably means that there won't be a whole lot of time for romance and peace in Season 5. Fraser's Ridge itself looks busy with a whole lot of people other than the Fraser family (which now includes some MacKenzies as well).

One big question facing the family -- which by this point is mostly comprised of time travelers from the 20th century -- is whether they should stay in the dangerous 1700s or return to their own time in the 1900s. That's not really an option for Jamie, who hasn't shown any ability to pass through the stones whenever he's been near them.

Claire, Brianna, and Roger, on the other hand, can. What about Jemmy, though? With both parents and grandmother capable of time travel, could he do it as well? And would Bree risk time travel with a young child? Claire wasn't even showing her pregnancy yet when she returned to Frank and her own time; I imagine she might not have risked it if Jamie had tried to send her through with a newborn.

It's also hard to imagine Claire willingly leaving Jamie, even if the temptation of joining her daughter and grandson would be strong. In the quick clip of Claire saying "I hope you don't stay," it looks an awful lot like she's speaking to Roger. If so, I get the impression that she wants Bree, Roger, and Jemmy to return to the much safer 20th century while she stays behind with her husband. But is that what will happen?

And did Bree successfully prevent her parents' deaths via fire just by coming back to warn them? Culloden proved that huge points in time can't just be changed despite great effort; can it be changed at all? Unfortunately, we won't get to see the Frasers back in action until Sunday, February 16, 2020 on Starz. Hopefully the various couples do have at least a little time for romance.

Season 5 is launching just a couple of days after Valentine's Day, after all! Only time will tell. A Starz executive explained the decision to hold Outlander Season 5 until 2020, and saga author Diana Gabaldon took issue with his comments about female viewers.

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