The Resident Season 3 Introduces A 'Fabulous New Love Interest'

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The Resident has already gotten off to a roaring start in Season 3, and when a drama kicks off its season with a major death, fans can have high expectations for the rest of the season. Fortunately, the medical series will keep things moving, according to co-creator Amy Holden Jones, with some shifting dynamics and a love interest for one character in particular.

That character is Devon (Manish Dayal), who will be shifting out from under Conrad's wing and into full-blown residency. That transition will have its own challenges and present some conflict between Conrad and Devon, but Amy Holden Jones told TVLine that Season 3 of The Resident will also feature something else for Devon.

[We'll see] the introduction of a fabulous new love interest for him.

Devon will get a new love interest in The Resident Season 3, which may have some questioning what the status is between he and Julian? Julian's brush with death in Season 2 brought the two closer than ever once reunited, but Julian had a non-profit career she needed to get started. The amount of travel and work required made a relationship with Devon unfeasible, so the two mutually decided to put a relationship aside for now.

Will The Resident's audience like Devon's new pairing more than what he had with Julian? There's no reason to worry if not, as it feels like this new romance could eventually pave the way for a classic television drama love triangle. Who would Devon pick if he's forced to choose between the two?

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Devon may not have to, as Julian actress Jenna Dewan was only a part of The Resident Season 2 in a recurring role. The Quovadis storyline is all wrapped up, and Dewan is set to appear in the Netflix series Mixtape. She's also pregnant and expecting another child, so she may be preoccupied and unavailable for future Season 3 episodes in the near future. Basically, unless The Resident finds a way to bring her up off-screen, she probably won't butt into this budding romance. It wouldn't be the first time this series introduced a well-liked character and lost them.

For all the love Devon will find in Season 3 of The Resident, he's also in for some conflict with Conrad. As mentioned earlier, his transition from intern to resident will put him at odds with Matt Czuchry's character. Amy Holden Jones said a lot of the tension lies in their different approaches to patient care, and that it will be a point of contention that distances their relationship as the season progresses.

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