New Hawaii Five-0 Star Would Love To Work With Grace Park

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Arrow veteran Katrina Law joined the cast of Hawaii Five-0 in Season 10 to continue to tradition of badass female characters helping take down the bad guys of the islands. Her character, Quinn Liu, debuted in the Season 10 premiere and quickly proved that she could keep up with the Five-0 unit, banter with McGarrett, and power through a gunshot wound with no problem. Recently, Law weighed in on the idea of teaming up with Grace Park, who played Kono Kalakaua for the first seven seasons of the series.

When one Hawaii Five-0 fan on Twitter suggested that it was too bad Katrina Law's Quinn Liu and Grace Park's Kono Kalakaua weren't on the show at the same time, Law shared her response:

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Could Quinn and Kono share the screen at some point? It's certainly fun to think about at this point, and Hawaii Five-0 isn't showing any signs of slowing in its tenth season, even though the last few seasons have seen the departures of a surprising number of characters. Katrina Law is on board as a series regular, so she's definitely be around. Grace Park is the biggest variable in a potential return of Kono to Five-0 to meet up with Quinn.

Grace Park famously left Hawaii Five-0 in the hiatus between Season 7 and Season 8 due to a salary dispute with CBS, which also resulted in Daniel Dae Kim leaving the series ahead of Season 8. That could have resulted in some bad blood between the actress and Hawaii Five-0's network, but her stance seemingly softened a little bit after she departed. Although that's not to say she would return if she could, it's enough to hope.

That said, Grace Park is pretty busy with another show on another network. Following her departure from Hawaii Five-0, she landed a key role on ABC's A Million Little Things, and as Katherine on that show, she's gone through the emotional wringer. In fact, the show may have destroyed her relationship with her husband for good, but we can bet that she's not down for the count for as long as her son needs her. So, Park has plenty going on in her career without returning to play Kono.

Whether or not Katrina Law gets to work with Grace Park on Hawaii Five-0, we can be pretty confident that she'll have a lot to keep her busy now that Quinn has joined Five-0. The show took a few episodes to let Quinn and McGarrett get to know each other before McGarrett made the move to invite her to join the unit, and she happily accepted. Of course, she was also arrested on a sham charge immediately after receiving her badge, but McGarrett took care of that.

See more of Katrina Law in action on Hawaii Five-0 when new episodes air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. There are still plenty of other shows that haven't yet hit the airwaves this fall, and you can find them on our 2019 fall TV premiere schedule.

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