Missing MacGyver? New Season 4 Photos Show 'Great Nerds' At Work

Lucas Till in MacGyver Season 3 finale CBS

Are you missing MacGyver and wishing Season 4 was airing right now? Yeah, join a large club. CBS could've done a better job updating fans on the fall 2019 schedule (Fox is in the same boat with Last Man Standing), but at least we know MacGyver Season 4 is filming and getting itself ready for its midseason 2020 premiere. Plus! Some fun sneak peek photos are showing these "great nerds" at work.

MacGyver Season 4 has actually been filming since the summer, including some photos with new addition Henry Ian Cusick (Lost, The 100) as master manipulator Russ. Just yesterday, show creator Peter M. Lenkov shared a cool shot from a scene showing "2 great nerds" -- Lucas Till's Angus MacGyver is one, but is the other guy ... Nikola Tesla?

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Some fans have had time machines on the brain since July, when showrunner Terry Matalas shared this Season 4 sneak peek of the team:

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As one fan asked, and Terry Matalas kinda sorta answered...

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Here's another cool look at MacGyver Season 4 -- and am I reading into things or is that a 1920s flapper behind Lucas Till?

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Feel free to speculate on the deeper meaning. The MacGyver cast and filmmakers have been sharing little tidbits behind-the-scenes for months -- sometimes funny Instagram Stories, and other times sharp-dressed photos like this one, with "James Blonde" MacGyver "about to do a little TV B&E":

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Nice! The first three seasons of MacGyver all premiered in late September -- 2016, 2017, and then 2018 -- so you can't blame fans for getting confused when September 2019 rolled around and there was no MacGyver Season 4. (Sorry, Magnum P.I., but you're not quite the same.) Season 3 ended in May, but as the sun now stands fans will have to wait until some point in early 2020 for MacGyver Season 4. Same deal for Criminal Minds' final season, if you were searching the CBS schedule for it. Midseason 2020 should be solid.

The good news is that based on the little teases floating out from set, MacGyver Season 4 already looks like a perfect mix of intrigue and fun. Levy Tran is on board as a series regular for Season 4, in addition to Henry Ian Cusick's arrival, and don't forget about "Bad MacGyver."

As we wait for more MacGyver Season 4 updates -- including an official promo trailer and premiere date -- keep up with everything still airing on TV this year with our handy 2019 fall TV premiere schedule.

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