Katarina Will Have 'Deep Impact' On Liz In The Blacklist Season 7

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Katarina Rostova’s impact on her estranged daughter, Liz, will be considerable in The Blacklist Season 7. The return of her mother was always bound to have a profound effect on Liz. Finding out that her long-lost mom is not only alive but holding Red prisoner, is unlikely to make Liz’s feelings towards her altogether welcoming.

The Blacklist has been setting up a clash between mother and daughter ever since the series began. Last season’s eventful happenings really setting the stage! Season 7 will put Katarina in the prime position to have a "deep impact" on Liz. How so? The Blacklist’s executive producer, John Eisendrath, explained Katarina’s reach, telling EW:

She will find a way to impact not just Red’s life like we’ve seen when she took him at the end of the last season. But she will have a deep impact on Liz and on everything that Liz believes in season 7.

Everything, Liz believes? Could this mean that the truth, as Liz currently knows it, is about to change? Is the mother she already has conflicting feelings about a villain, or an anti-heroine? There has already been a tease that another twist is coming in the saga of what Liz believes on The Blacklist.

The poster for Season 7 contained an ominous message about how much trust Red should receive. When it comes to Katarina, he has always tried to present her in the most flattering light. If his version cannot be trusted, it would explain why she is going to be such a formidable big bad for The Blacklist.

Katarina’s presence is not just going to impact Liz on The Blacklist in Season 7. Series creator Jon Bokenkamp teases that the show is taking an even deeper dive into its elaborate mythos. That aspect has far-reaching implications as the dynamic between Red, Katarina, and Liz takes the show to new depths. Bokenkamp said that Season 7 will be:

Continuing to push deeper into the mythology in a way that will bring audiences deeper into the heart of Reddington is and why he came into Liz’s life. . . The sort of triangle of Katarina, Liz, and Red will shine new light on the mythology of the show.

If Red is Ilya Koslov, he theoretically came into Liz’s life to protect her on behalf of her mother. Right? The situation with Tom and Berlin was the motivating factor. His reasons for staying in her life and in such a prominent way has remained one of many mysteries. Especially as trusted friends, like Mr. Kaplan, advised Red to stay away from Liz.

Red did not take their advice. Liz’s mom entering the equation is certainly going to shake things up. She should know a lot. Hopefully, providing further insight into the lingering questions that have been boiling over for a while now.

Of course, fans of The Blacklist already know that one piece of information has escaped Katarina. Hence, her choice to take Red captive and torture him for it. What is Red hiding besides his true identity? Will the mysteries haunting Liz (and the audience) be solved in Season 7? An endgame is said to “snap into focus.” Don’t worry, though. The Blacklist’s future is looking good!

Find out what Katarina gets up to when the Season 7 premiere of The Blacklist airs Friday, October 4, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The crime drama is one of this fall's premieres. You can catch up on all things Katarina Rostova via past seasons on Netflix, along with lots of new content.

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