Why Kaley Cuoco Is Glad She Followed The Big Bang Theory With The Flight Attendant

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Kaley Cuoco is glad that she followed up her run on The Big Bang Theory with her new mystery drama The Flight Attendant. Earlier this year, the actress was left sobbing and speechless after the table read for the long-running sitcom’s series finale. Thankfully, she has had something to focus on in the emotional wake of the series ending.

Not too long after The Big Bang Theory’s much-anticipated finale aired, the actress booked her next TV role. Kaley Cuoco will take the lead in the upcoming adaptation, The Flight Attendant, which she created. Filming on the upcoming drama is reportedly set to begin in the next few weeks in New York.

Usually, by October, production on The Big Bang Theory would be in full swing. Asked how she is feeling not working on the show for the first time in 13 years, Kaley Cuoco told ET:

I feel good because, I'm knee-deep in The Flight Attendant, which I think is smart. I didn't have time to think about it.

Kaley Cuoco has undoubtedly been remaining busy post-Big Bang Theory. She had revealed her plans for after the show ended. Along with The Flight Attendant getting underway, Cuoco also has the new Harley Quinn series for DC Universe.

The Flight Attendant is set to soar on the upcoming streaming service HBO Max. The same streamer will be the new home to Friends and that recently announced Grease TV spinoff. For Kaley Cuoco, deciding that The Flight Attendant would be her next venture was pretty straightforward. Cuoco said:

I found this book two-and-a-half years ago, and I wanted to make it, and I thought the material was great. I had an instinct about it. I [also] think it's really important to start putting our own stamps on things, especially as women, and having our own voice. And I like being the boss. That's it. That's the bottom line.

Kaley Cuoco’s passion project is nearing takeoff. She has already shared that it has given her an appreciation for her character’s job. The Flight Attendant will follow Cuoco’s Cassie as she navigates a murder mystery. During a layover, Cassie wakes up in a hotel room. Nothing mysterious there. Well, that is where the twist comes.

Kaley Cuoco’s character is not exactly alone. There is a dead man in the hotel room she wakes up in, and she has no memory of what took place. Brace yourself for a dramatically turbulent story! The Flight Attendant is a television adaptation of Chris Bohjalian’s novel of the same name.

Progress has been steady on the project with Kaley Cuoco recently celebrating the casting of two of her co-stars. The Haunting of Hill House’s Michael Huisman and Maniac’s Sonoya Mizuno have joined the cast in highly intriguing roles. Speaking of co-stars, Cuoco’s ones from The Big Bang Theory have been busy too. Mayim Bialik landed a TV deal in the realm of Cuoco’s.

Lots of exciting things to keep Kaley Cuoco occupied as she continues to sift through the aftermath of the beloved sitcom ending. The Flight Attendant is going to have different genre gears than The Big Bang Theory. Fans will have to stay tuned to see how it all comes together!

The Flight Attendant does not have a premiere date yet, so keep staying tuned. It will get a departure time, eventually. There is a lot of new television to enjoy this fall in between Kaley Cuoco’s new show taking flight on HBO Max.

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