Johnny Galecki Is Working On A New Comedy With Another Big Bang Theory Coworker

Johnny Galecki For NBC's new sitcom The Squad

While a lot of The Big Bang Theory cast members had to wait on the right project before landing a new gig after the iconic CBS series wrapped, Johnny Galecki had a sort of cushy in on another network. In fact, he hopped straight into a few fall episodes of The Conners, the spinoff to Roseanne that made him a popular TV actor back in the nineties. Yet, outside of that, he’s mostly opting to focus on producing work, including a new comedy about eSports.

To be frank, the new scripted comedy project sounds dissimilar to his acting predecessors. Instead of science and pop culture-related comedy, this one will focus on eSports. The potential series, which is going by the name The Squad, is being set up at NBC.

If it moves forward, The Squad will team up The Big Bang Theory star with another Big Bang Theory alum, Anthony Del Broccolo. Del Broccolo originally joined the CBS sitcom as a writer back in Season 5. Both men will executive produce the new project, along with Holly Brown. Del Broccolo will also be writing the script for the pilot.

There’s no word on who will star in The Squad yet, which means it's in the early phases of development, but it will be about a group of friends who have found their “tribe,” according to Deadline.

The cast of The Big Bang Theory all have eyes on new gigs in the coming months, if they haven’t signed on to new projects already. For Johnny Galecki, this has meant guest starring on The Conners as David Healy and going hard on producing work, as he also executive produced Living Biblically. I think a lot of people would like to see him in front of the camera in a leading role again, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Meanwhile, Kaley Cuoco is voicing Harley Quinn in a new animated series, which she has called ‘a wet dream’ for The Big Bang Theory fans. She also is switching gears for The Flight Attendant, a dramatic thriller heading to HBO Max.

Simon Helberg will be in a movie called Annette. Mayim Bialik is really excited about producing work thanks to an overall deal with Warner Bros. TV Group, so her trajectory has been similar to Johnny Galecki’s. Kunal Nayyar has voice work in Trolls World Tour coming up. His Big Bang Theory follow-up movie Sweetness in the Belly, already came out.

Jim Parsons is maybe busiest. He’s still involved with Young Sheldon, as he does the narration for the series. He’s also producing a project with the aforementioned Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik. Finally, he has been cast in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming series. So, he seems to have quite a lot going on.

Only time will tell if NBC ends up ordering The Squad to series, but it’s good to see Johnny Galecki keeping busy after the series wrapped (and he took that emotional video of the set being torn down.) Fingers crossed we’ll see more of him in front of the camera soon, too.

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