The Walking Dead: The Spinoff Characters' Young Ages Are Vital To The Story

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The young ages of the characters in The Walking Dead spinoff will be a vital part of its story. As anticipation continues to build for the spinoff, so do the supply of teases regarding what fans of the franchise can expect. The first look at the still-untitled Walking Dead spinoff gave fans a peek at the characters’ teasing the “new world” ahead.

What does this new world entail? The second Walking Dead spinoff will introduce viewers to a group of young people who have grown up in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. Discussing how the characters’ youth will play into the spinoff, The Walking Dead Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple told THR:

With that show, the third show, it is less about format and it is much more about the perspective that we have. It’s about the two sisters at the lead of the show. It’s about their age and their friends’ age that are going along with them. The show has, in some ways, a different mythology set in the world. It is still set in the same world, but the things that they’re tied up in are very different than the things that the other shows have featured and the lives that we’ve seen these other characters lead. I don’t mean that they simply start in a settled place but the system that they’re under and the system that they’re tied into and trying to get out of is so different from anything we’ve seen. And it gives this show, with its very young perspective, a very different feel. The things that they’re tied up in, we have not seen on the other shows.

It sounds like The Walking Dead franchise will continue to shake things up with its latest spinoff. This time, utilizing young adult characters to tell the story. What Scott M. Gimple is saying parallels what he has teased about how the upcoming series will differentiate itself from its predecessors. The key that he seems to be turning is the latest spinoff’s youth factor.

As Scott Gimple said, the third installment in The Walking Dead franchise will focus on two sisters. Gimple previously teased the young characters have grown up behind the safety of walls, which makes their journey a different one than the characters on the brutal parent series. In that vein, the spinoff promises a fresh and compelling angle.

Will this new show be The Walking Dead franchise’s answer to Riverdale and other teen genre series? Maybe. It is not as if the original series or its first spinoff have ignored younger characters altogether, though. As far as The Walking Dead is concerned, the future of Rick Grimes’ daughter Judith is currently in question as Michonne prepares to exit the show.

The upcoming Walking Dead spinoff is set a decade after the zombie apocalypse turned the world upside down. Hence, its characters’ next step in coming-of-age seems to be a large part of the spinoff’s dramatic anchor. Will this newfound perspective give the spinoff an edge in the ratings that its predecessor series has struggled to recently find?

There is still a lot of time left to find out. The latest Walking Dead spinoff is still off a bit into the future as it is set to arrive next year. Regardless of the original show’s ratings performance as of late, an AMC executive has assured that there is a lot of The Walking Dead’s story left to tell, so stay tuned!

The next (untitled) Walking Dead spinoff will premiere in the spring of 2020. New episodes of The Walking Dead will air this fall on Sundays, at 9 p.m. ET, on AMC. You can currently stream past seasons of the zombie drama on Netflix, among new content.

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