Last Man Standing Stars Are 'So Excited' For Fans To Finally See Season 8

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The stars of Last Man Standing are excited for fans to (finally) see Season 8! Enthusiasts of the hit sitcom have been waiting a super long time for the series’ return. Due to some scheduling conflicts, Last Man Standing had to forego a run on Fox’s fall schedule. Thankfully for fans, the Baxters are on their way back!

After a lot of waiting, Fox announced Last Man Standing will be back at the very beginning of 2020 on January 2 with not one, but two episodes! Nancy Travis, who plays Vanessa Baxter, shared in the excitement by quoting the Fox promo heralding the series’ return. Check it out below:

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Actor Jet Jurgensmeyer, who took over the role of Vanessa and Mike’s grandson Boyd last season, also shared his enthusiasm. Based on the Season 8 promo for Last Man Standing, I think there is a lot to be excited about! Jurgensmeyer took to Twitter, posting:

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If that was not enough to get you excited, check out this Twitter exchange between Tim Allen and Nancy Travis. The co-stars are no strangers to sharing witty repartee thanks to their characters’ comical conversations on Last Man Standing. Check out the amusing back and forth they shared on Twitter after the promo for Season 8 got released:

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Nancy Travis for the win! Can you believe that Travis and Tim Allen have been exchanging zingers for over 150 episodes? Yes! Last Man Standing crossed the milestone last season. Prepare yourself for a lot more inside jokes and hilarious one-liners, in my opinion.

The promo for Last Man Standing Season 8 aired during the World Series. A sweet treat for fans who tuned in! What a way to get started. There is nothing like a fun zinger between Mike and Vanessa Baxter to make the reality of the show’s return sink in. In related news, you will get to laugh one day sooner than you used to.

That is because fans will not have to wait until Fridays to catch up with the Baxters. Last Man Standing will be airing in a new time slot when it returns in 2020. The sitcom will now air on Thursday nights. It is a move that puts Season 8's airing at the heart of primetime’s weeknight slate.

It is tough to know what storylines lie ahead for Last Man Standing. Whatever is going to happen, the cast is clearly excited for fans to get a chance to see it unfold. Based on the promo for Season 8, I can surmise that Vanessa will get excited about something that is shared at the Baxters’ kitchen table. What could it be?

Find out when Last Man Standing returns after this fall’s premieres with Season 8 premiering on Thursday, January 2, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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