What Has Jenna Fischer Been Up To Since The Office

Jenna Fischer - The Office

Jenna Fischer is best known for playing Pam Beesly on NBC's smash hit sitcom The Office. Unlike some of her co-stars on the show, like Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Rashida Jones, Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper and Ed Helms, to name a few, she hasn't quite escaped the shadow of the show. However, like many hard-working actors, she has continued to branch off in different and exciting new ways since she called it quits at Dunder Mifflin. That's why we wanted to take this time to look at what she has done in the time since The Office ended.

Like many professional actors, Jenna Fischer is certainly more than simply Pam Beesly. She is a versatile and proven comedic talent, even if she hasn't broken out quite as much as some of her contemporaries on the streaming-friendly network sitcom. Since The Office called it quits, and the actress continues to keep her busy even if she's no longer clocking in at Dunder Mifflin day in and day out and has taken on projects that have varied wildly. Let's take a look.

Jenna Fischer, Megan Mullally - You, Me And The Apocalypse

Jenna Fischer Starred In The Miniseries You, Me And The Apocalypse

Turns out, Jenna Fischer didn't stay far away from NBC after her famous sitcom ended. One of the first major projects she worked on after The Office, You, Me and the Apocalypse was a mini-series co-production with Sky 1 that found Fischer acting opposite Rob Lowe, Megan Mullally, and several others. It centers around a group of people trying to come to terms with the impending apocalypse as a comet starts racing ever closer towards the planet.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long, but it proved the TV actress could handle a fun turn in a goofier, more outlandish project than The Office. It lasted for 10 episodes in 2015 before You, Me and The Apocalypse called it quits. But all things considered, a show about the apocalypse wasn't expected to stay on terribly long.

Jenna Fischer - Drunk History

Jenna Fischer Appeared In Roles On Several Other Shows, Including Drunk History

When it came time to end her tenure on The Office, Jenna Fischer didn't move to one show entirely. She lent her talents to a variety of different shows, in either limited or guest-starring roles. More specifically, Fischer made brief appearances on shows like Newsreaders, The Grinder, The Mysteries of Laura, and The Guest Book. She also made an appearance on Comedy Central's Drunk History as Katharine Wright, the sister of Orville and Wilbur Wright. Most of these shows are comedies, and that's to be expected. Nevertheless, it's nice to see Fischer spread her sharp comedy talents in many places.

Jenna Fischer - Brad's Status

Jenna Fischer Starred In A Number Of Independent Movies, Including Brad's Status

Beyond her television work, Jenna Fischer also branched out onto the big screen for a few movies. Having previous starred in studio comedies like Blades of Glory and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, to name a mere few, Fischer was no stranger to the silver screen. Nevertheless, it is certainly understandable if you didn't hear about the movies she starred in after The Office. These movies include Are You Here, the feature debut of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, Kiss Me, the sophomore film from director Jeff Probst (best known as the host of Survivor), and Clint Eastwood's The 15:17 to Paris.

The actress also starred in writer/director Mike White's sophomore directorial effort, Brad's Status, alongside Ben Stiller, which was probably the most highly-acclaimed of these movies, notably since nearly all of the others got mixed-to-negative notices whenever they premiered in theaters.

Jenna Fischer - Splitting Up Together

Jenna Fischer Starred In ABC's Sitcom Splitting Up Together

Most notably, though, Jenna Fischer was working on a new sitcom altogether: ABC's Splitting Up Together, which premiered in March 2018. The show didn't get quite as warm notices as The Office, but it earned enough of a regular audience to justify a second season. That is as far as it got, ultimately. The sitcom was cancelled in May of this year. From executive producer Ellen DeGeneres, based on a Danish series of the same name, the show followed Jenna Fischer as Lena, a woman who found herself reunited with her husband after their divorce.

Jenna Fischer - The Office

Jenna Fischer Wrote A Book Titled The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide

Continuing to build her resume, Jenna Fischer added "author" to her list of job titles when she penned the book The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide and published it in 2017. Featuring an introduction from Steve Carell, Fischer's book chronicled the life and career of its writer as she first made her way into the acting business at 22 ... and how very little went right until, of course, it eventually did when she found herself starring on The Office back in 2005.

Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey - Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen

Jenna Fischer Started A Podcast Called Office Ladies With Angela Kinsey

Like many people out there, Jenna Fischer is a podcaster. Earlier this year, it was announced that Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin on The Office, would start a podcast titled Office Ladies that would spend each episode breaking down one episode of the hit show and answering questions from listeners. As there are a wealth of fans of the show out there, it makes sense to capitalize on the success and also have a chance to look back and reflect on the making of one of the most beloved sitcoms in television history. Additionally, Fischer and Kinsey are also good friends in real life, so they have a nice back-and-forth that allows them to share good chemistry as they prove tidbits and more about their hit sitcom.

These are only a handful of the accomplishments by Jenna Fischer over the years. It should also be noted the actress is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues, and she's unafraid to trash talk her Office co-stars when it comes to sports. The actress is currently focused on her podcast and it's unknown what acting projects she has in the works after the cancellation of her latest series, but we're sure she'll find something soon. Hopefully, as she only continues to prove her talents and capabilities as an actress, she will give audiences a chance to know her work beyond her days spent in The Office.

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