The Orville Has Added A Netflix Star To Season 3

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The Orville is moving from Fox to Hulu for its third season, and there will be a new face on board when the show kicks off on its new platform. A Netflix star has joined the sci-fi series, and fans should count on seeing a lot of her. Anne Winters, best known for her role on Netflix's controversial 13 Reasons Why, will be a series regular on The Orville in Season 3.

13 Reasons Why's Anne Winters will play a character by the name of Charly Burke on The Orville, according to Deadline. No further details are available about her character or how she fits into the existing ensemble, but her status as a series regular means that she should be around a fair amount. While fans presumably won't see as much of Charly as of Seth MacFarlane's Ed or Adrianne Palicki's Kelly, Winters should get a fair amount of screen time. In fact, considering The Orville is going to get longer episodes thanks to its move to Hulu, the entire cast could get more screen time!

Considering The Orville couldn't be much more different from 13 Reasons Why, Anne Winters' new project could show off a different side of the actress than she got to showcase on the Netflix series. Of course, this casting news may not be what Star Trek fans were hoping for after what The Next Generation's Jonathan Frakes recently said about The Orville, but it should come as good news nonetheless. Fresh new things are in store with Season 3!

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Unfortunately, fans won't get to see Anne Winters or any of the rest of the Orville cast in-character in new episodes for a while. Season 3 will reportedly premiere on Hulu in late 2020, so there's probably about a year left before the action picks up again. The returning actors are clearly excited about the new season, though, as evidenced by the first set photos from production!

The Orville may be the next place to find Anne Winters, too, as 13 Reasons Why was finally cancelled after four seasons. That show's format meant that pretty much any member of the cast could come back, but its end on Netflix means the end of those characters. While it did rank as one of the top 20 most popular shows on the streaming giant, the handling of the heavy subject matter meant that the show had a lot of detractors, and the creator even had to defend the show against reports of increased suicides.

That presumably won't be an issue with The Orville, but if you want to see Anne Winters in action ahead of The Orville Season 3 in late 2020, you can find her streaming on Netflix with 13 Reasons Why. For some Orville fun, the first two seasons are available streaming on Hulu.

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